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 BONUS Giveaway!

  When the Honest Accurate Auto Service Wheels to Prosper volunteer committee met to select a winner for our second car giveaway in 2016, there was another individual nominated that they wanted to select for our car "Pete's" new owner too.  Only one car but two recipients? Not possible.

The committee deliberated for quite a while when one of them noticed that the one of the two nominees already had a vehicle.  An older vehicle that desperately needed thousands of dollars in repairs.  The committee came to Jesse Schillinger, Owner of Honest Accurate Auto Service and asked if there was any possible way the company would be willing to repair this car.  Jesse and his very big heart, agreed to look at the vehicle first to determine the repairs and cost.  If the car was repairable and all the owners agree, he would ask the Honest Team if they would be willing to do "just one more car" for our Wheels to Prosper project for this year.  That was enough for the committee to make their final decision for the recipient of "Pete" for the second car giveaway which was Elizabeth Barr.

While Jesse and the rest of the Honest Team made preparations for the car giveaway event, they also took the necessary steps to inspect the additional car.  First, Jesse made a call to the "Runner-up" recipient who promptly thought Jesse's call was a prank!  She wanted nothing to do with bringing her car into the shop for an inspection.  But Jesse was determined to find a way to help get this single mom's car road ready and safe for her and her children!

Jesse and his "can-do" spirit went to work in calling the people who sent in the nomination form about the runner-up and enlisted their help in letting her know that Honest Accurate Auto Service is a legitimate, honest business with a heart to help others.  It was after several calls to the runner-up that she agreed to bring in her car for an inspection.

The inspection performed by the ASE Certified Technicians at Honest Accurate confirmed that the 2001 Buick Park Avenue needed A LOT of work done.  Jesse brought the inspection results to his shop meeting and asked the team if they were willing to volunteer again to get an additional car repaired for someone in need.  With true heart-felt spirit they agreed to step-up once again.

ASE Certified Technician, Brett Golas, jumped in for the challenge and devoted a full Saturday when the shop is closed to handle most of the work himself.  Jesse also gave up the same Saturday to help out with the repairs.

The 2001 Buick with over 116,060 miles came in with multiple issues needing attention.  Just some of the repairs done include: intake manifold, head gaskets, power steering pump, rack and lines, transmission fluid service, rear brakes, front wheel bearings, and more, totaling over 28 hours of work. Finally road worthy and safe the Buick was recovered to near new condition including some extras, like making sure the windows opened and closed properly and a headlight restoration.

Auto Technician gives a hand up

ASE Technician, Brett Golas with Susan Clayton, Wheels to Prosper Bonus Recipient 2016

 Susan Clayton was excited to know her Buick was repaired and that it was ready for pick up.  Susan  came in with a full platter of homemade cookies and a card when getting her car.  (Yes, our technicians love getting goodies!) She wasn't expecting to also get a walk through on her car with the personal attention she received.  Jesse and Brett made sure to spend some extra time with her and explain the repairs that were completed on her car.

Auto shop owner pays-it-forward with Wheels to Prosper

Owner, Jesse Schillinger gives time to explain car repairs to Susan Clayton

  With tears of joy, Susan was so thankful that Jesse's call wasn't a prank.  The Park Avenue is her only means of transportation for her and her 2 children and was a gift from her grandmother.

  Honest Accurate Auto Service is honored and blessed to have been able to do "just one more car" for our Wheels to Prosper program for 2016.  Thanks to Susan for trusting in us and giving us the opportunity to pay-it-forward, once again!

Congratulations to Elizabeth Barr!

Our Wheels to Prosper Car Giveaway Recipient!

Elizabeth Barr, Wheels to Prosper Car Recipient 2016

Elizabeth Barr, Wheels to Prosper Winner 2016

   Elizabeth "Beth" Barr was chosen by a committee of 7 volunteers of business owners and individuals in Colorado Springs as our second Wheels to Prosper Car Giveaway recipient for 2016.  Beth has devoted much of her life to giving back to the community and helping others.  She has served as a volunteer as a Court Appointed Special Advocate for children in the Pikes Peak Region. Beth has also poured her gifts and talents into One Nation Walking Together, an organization that communicates with the poorest of the American Indian Nations.  Her role in gathering much needed donated items and delivering the donations came to an abrupt halt when her 26 year old vehicle would no longer run and could not be repaired.  

  A couple of Beth's friends are regular customers at Honest Accurate who heard about the Wheels to Prosper Car Giveaway and filled out a nomination form about Beth.  We received many nominations for the car, a 2002 Honda Acura, for this car we named Pete.  After reviewing and calling all references for all the nominees, the committee was able to make a clear choice that Beth should be the recipient.

  Once again, we were able to surprise our winning recipient!  See the Wheels to Proper Car Giveaway #2 in 2016 in this video.

 Honest Accurate Partners for Wheels to Prosper Car Giveaway '16

We would like to extend a very heartfelt and warm THANK YOU to the following businesses and individuals who participated in our mission to give a car to a deserving Colorado Springs individual.  Without out their support we would not have been able to do as much.  We hope that you will support these  fine generous businesses in the area.

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 Mountain Man Honey       Pro PDR Sky Sox          Firehouse Subs

 Gracie Perez, Jennifer Ryan, Albie Salazar, Rob & Barb Schillinger, Bola & Vanessa Shonoiki, Dean Hrdlichka, Mike Hrdlichka, Brett Golas, Justin Rose, Bryson Ford, Randy & Vicki Schillinger, Julie Garcia, Jesse Schillinger.

Helping People In Need of Reliable Transportation

Honest Accurate Auto Service is committed to giving back to their local community in Colorado Springs and the surrounding area.  One of our favorite community service projects, Wheels to Prosper, allows us to combine our gifts, talents, and skills from the auto repair industry.

We  proudly participant in the nationwide Wheels To Prosper Program.   This is one of our favorite company projects!  The purpose of the Wheels to Prosper initiative is to help someone in the community that is in need of a reliable vehicle, while assisting them to better themselves and their families’ environment.  This program offers a “hand up as opposed to a handout”!

Since 2011, Wheels To Prosper has been partnering with auto repair shops across the country to give cars away to needy families. In the past 5 years, 46 shops have been involved in the effort, and 145 vehicles have been donated and the number continues to rise!  For more information about the program visit http://wheelstoprosper.org

Honest Accurate Auto was pleased to join the initiative in 2015.  This video has more information about the Wheels to Prosper Program we participate in and also features a surprise to the first recipient of a car for 2016!  We were so blessed to be able to provide Miss Abigail Silverberg with a much needed vehicle for her to pursue her education!

Our nominations for our 2nd Wheels to Prosper Car Giveaway closed on June 14, 2016.  Our committee of local business owners and other professionals have selected the next recipient from a pile of nomination that were received!  Thank you to all those who submitted a nomination to help us find a home for “Pete”,  our newest foster!


Tizzie Timberlake - July 2015

On July 25, 2015 , along with other Auto shops nationwide we hosted our first Wheels to Prosper event. We were pleased to donate our first car giveaway to Tizzie Timberlake.

Tizzie said:

Having a child who attends Challenger Middle School, I find comfort in knowing I can arrange to take him to school myself, so that he doesn’t have to arrive an extra 45 minutes earlier and sit there alone on the bus until school starts. We can spend more time together as a family, and he is able to have breakfast with his friends. I feel good knowing I have reliable transportation now. Also, I will be going home! I am already making plans to go home for either Thanksgiving or Christmas, and I’ve had over 15 friends and family reach out to me on Facebook to come visit them while I’m in town. I’m so excited! It has freed up a lot of stress and has given me confidence. I am very proud of my car, and confident that I can get where I need to be. My coworker has mentioned that I look happier and am carrying myself with more confidence. It sounds silly, but I feel confident that I have a dependable vehicle, and appreciate everything you guys have done for me!

Enjoy several photos of the giveaway below!

Azizi Jones - July 2015

At our Tutt Blvd. shop, we prepared and gave a 2005 Ford Focus to Azizi Jones.  Azizi has had to take a two-hour bus ride to her two jobs, and often she works past the time the bus runs in the evening, requiring her to find rides home.  She is always ready to help others, and her references spoke highly of her character of courage, respect, integrity, accountability, and servanthood.  Azizi’s husband has had cancer and a herniated disc, and is therefore unable to work.  She also has an 11 year old son.  She often doesn’t get to see her son because of her long days.  We are excited to offer her hope in her situation.