Auto Heater Repair

Auto Heater Repair in Colorado Springs

Colorado winters can be tough, but Honest Accurate Auto Service can help you stay warm with reliable auto heater repair services. Honest Accurate’s qualified ASE certified technicians can diagnose and repair a variety of common vehicle heater problems, from the dreaded cold air blowing from the vents to strange smells, rattling or the heater just not working altogether.


More than Comfort: The Importance of Your Car’s Heater

Your car heater is more than just a modern convenience. It is an important tool that ensures you can safely operate your vehicle. In addition to keeping you cozy as you navigate a Colorado Springs cold snap, your car heater also provides the following benefits:

Car Defroster

The first Rocky Mountain frosts can begin as early as September in the Pikes Peak region. That typically means a healthy sheet of ice/frost you have to scrape off the windshield and windows before driving your car to work or to take the kids to school. Your defroster provides a steady supply of heat to the interior of the windshield, melting frost from the base upward.

Safety if You Break Down or Get Stranded

Your heating system is also a literal lifesaver in the event that you break down or get stranded during a blizzard. In the 2019 bomb cyclone that shut down the state of Colorado, thousands of drivers learned just how vital the heater can be as they awaited rescue on I-25. That is why drivers are told to ensure they have a full tank of gas before venturing out in winter weather.

Comfortable Drivers Are Safe Drivers

There isn’t a person in the state who has not been forced to drive while their vehicle’s heater is still warming up. It’s cold. It’s miserable. It’s also unsafe. In addition to being extremely distracting, it also slows you down. Your body’s response time slows when you are extremely cold, which is the worst scenario when navigating icy roads

As you can see, heat repair is essential to motor vehicle safety in the winter. However, winter isn’t the only season that a car heater is necessary.

Don’t Leave Automotive Heating to Chance in Any Season

As the bomb cyclone above proves, Rocky Mountain weather is completely unpredictable. That historic storm hit in the middle of March, just two weeks before most schools were set to close for spring break. Colorado Springs residents know that snow can fall as late as June in the Pikes Peak region, and all year long on the summit of Pikes Peak itself.

The same holds true throughout the state. Temperatures can drop steeply at night even in the summer, especially at higher altitudes. In short, there’s never a good time to allow your heater to stay broken in Colorado.

Honest Accurate Auto Service can get your car’s heater up and running fast. We will make sure you can have a warm, clear ride home through every season, including harsh winters where a surprise bomb cyclone can leave you stranded on the side of the road.

Winter: Defrost windows, provide comfort, safety
Spring: Combat condensation, comfort through colder spring days, navigate spring blizzards
Summer: High-altitude traveling, condensation, overheating
Fall: De-frost fall frost, stay warm heading into winter

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Common Car Heater Issues

Honest Accurate can help you resolve these common car heater issues:

  • Cold air
  • Won’t turn on
  • Runs too hot
  • Poor airflow
  • Smell
  • Rattling, clunking
  • Some speeds are broken
  • Dial can’t change airflow

Why Choose Honest Accurate Auto Service for Your Automotive Heater Repair Needs?

Frequently Asked Questions About Car Heater Repairs

Why is my heat blowing cold air in my car?
There are numerous reasons that your car heater is blowing cold air. Your thermostat may be broken. Your coolant might be running low. There could be an issue with your heater core. Honest Accurate can inspect your car heater and help you diagnose the problem.
Why is my heat not working in my car?
If the heat in your car is not working altogether, it is important to get it inspected. Like cold air blowing from the vents, the underlying problem can range from simple to complex. Adding coolant can be a quick fix for no heat in cars, so always check that first/
Does the heater in a car use gas?
Your car’s heater does not use gas to operate, but your car does. In order for the heater to produce warm air, the engine needs to be running, which requires gas. If you try to operate your heater with the ignition on and the engine off, you’re won’t feel any warmth after the engine cools down (and you’ll slowly drain the battery). The lack of heat from a combustion engine is why electric cars require heat pumps or resistive heaters to produce warmth.
How does a car heater work?
Your car heater uses warmth from the engine to produce the warm air that flows through your car. Your car uses liquid coolant to continuously cool the engine and the heated coolant is then processed through the heater core to power the heating system. The heater core transfers heat to your car’s blower, which pushes the warm air through your vents.
Is there a fuse for the heater in my car?
Yes, your car heater does require a fuse. Grab your owner’s manual and pop open the fuse box to learn which fuse supports the heater, as well as where it is located. Some cars or trucks may have fuse boxes in the engine compartment.
Does Honest Accurate provide car heater repair near me?
Honest Accurate provides car heater service to vehicle owners throughout the Pikes Peak region, including Colorado Springs, Monument, Pueblo, Briargate, Falcon, Peyton, Woodland Park and Divide. We also provide service to out-of-state travelers who need a repair on the road.
How much does it cost to fix heat in cars?
The price of your heater repair will depend on the nature of your heating problem. Consult with your technician to discuss your options after inspection.

Just the Facts: Getting the Most Out of Your Car Heater

  • Moving cars warm up more quickly than parked cars. If your heat isn’t warming up the car fast enough, get moving (provided you’ve cleared your windows).
  • “Fresh air mode” will help your car defroster operate more efficiently than recirculated air when it comes to defogging windows.
  • Car heaters can deliver up to 155° of heat to chilly passengers.

Trusted Car Heater Repair Services in Colorado Springs

Honest Accurate Auto Service can help you stay warm and save as you navigate Colorado’s wonderful-but-wild weather all year long. We have the best car heater technicians in Colorado Springs standing by to serve you. Give our auto repair shop a call today!