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Meet Our Team

Tutt Blvd. (East) Shop

We truly are family owned, operated and staffed!  What this means to you is that we are invested in our customer service to insure the longevity of our business.  We enjoy working together and playing together - we want to include you in our family of friends, and will make your auto maintenance or repair an enjoyable experience!

Paul Pharris:  Owner/Partner and Quality Control Manager, East Shop since March 2014.

Paul is no stranger to the Automotive Industry. Paul has been an AES Certified Technician, starting for Ford since 2002. He left Ford in 2007 to work as a Technician for the West Shop soon after that. Paul currently assists our team and customers as the Quality Control Manager for the East Shop and is a leader in providing them with excellent customer service. He has been married to Briana (Randy & Vicki’s daughter) since 2004. He has three kids, Cobin, Declan and Cannelle.  Paul enjoys riding his motorcycle, watching movies, snowboarding, and spending his free time with his kids.

Ted Slosky:  Service Adviser, East Shop since July 2011.

Ted has been in the auto industry since 1998. His experience includes car sales,  rental car management, and service advising since 2003.  He has BBA in management from the University of Oklahoma. Ted and his wife Susan have two grown daughters, love Broadway Theater, and are avid DIY home remodelers.

Shanda Bonestroo: Service Advisor, East Shop since December 2015.

Shanda is the newest member of our team. She is originally from South Dakota and has been in the Springs since 2008. She has the pleasure of advising you on your needed repairs. Her goal is to help you make a wise investment decision regarding your vehicle needs. Shanda has been in the Automotive Industry and a Service Advisor for seven years. In her spare time she likes to be outside or doing crafts with her kids, shopping and decorating her house.

Heath Gibson:  Service Advisor, East Shop since October 2016.  Heath has been in the Automotive Industry since 1990, so we are glad to have him as part of our team.  He previously worked as a Service Advisor and Service Manager for Ford, Toyota and Nissan.  Heath has been married to Cheryl for 27 years - they have 9 children and enjoy family activities of all types.  Camping, hiking and hunting are family favorites!  Heath and Cheryl both serve in their local church and enjoy serving where they can!

Roy Keiser: Owner/Partner/Shop Foreman and ASE Certified Master Technician, East Shop since September 2011.

Roy's 28 years of progressive technical and managerial automotive experience brings brand diversity to our East Shop, allowing us to meet the ever-expanding needs of our customers. Roy has had extensive experience working on different makes and model and in 2004 was awarded 3rd place in Ford's Ultimate Tech Challenge. He was also the first member of the Ford Technician Review Board. Roy and his son Daniel have lived in and around Colorado Springs since 1998.  Roy enjoys leading a healthy and active lifestyle and has lost 101 lbs. with Herbalife! He continues to make a huge impact helping others meet their own health goals.

Joe Olszewski: ASE Certified Master Technician, East Shop since April 2013.

In the Automotive Repair Industry since 1975, that's 40 years of experience! Joe has been ASE Certified for over 25 years and a Ford Chassis Master Technician for 12 years.  Joe has been married to Mona since 1979, and is a longtime resident of Colorado Springs.  They have three children together: Daniel, Monica, and Tanya.  In his free time, Joe enjoys shooting sports, hunting, dirt bikes and especially hanging out with his granddaughters!

Max Gross:ASE Certified Technician, East Shop since May 2014.

Max has been a Certified Technician for several years and a Ford Trained Certified Master Technician for... years. Max enjoys hunting and fishing in the Colorado mountains, where he lives with his wife, Tanya and son, Tristen. With Max’s many years of experience, he brings a high level of skill to our shop.IMG_7837

John McGray: ASE Certified Technician, East Shop since May 2014.

John has been in the Automotive Industry for 36 years, originally starting in Houston, TX. John has been a Ford Trained Certified Master Technician since 1991. In his spare time, John enjoys riding dirt bikes, 4-wheeling, hiking and all that Colorado has to offer. We enjoy John’s expertise as a technician and a great personality to have around the shop!

Austin Kane:  ASE Certified Technician and Owner, East Shop since October 2012.

After a few months of skilled training at our shop Austin enrolled in Wyotech Automotive Technical School and graduated with an Associates in Automotive Technology, with an emphasis in Applied Service Management (graduated September 2013).  Austin has an amazing work ethic and is continually working to advance his skills in the field. Austin enjoys working on his house and his project car, a 1948 Chevy Cab Over with his Dad.IMG_7830

Cooper Boyd : Technician Apprentice, East Since August 2015.

Cooper is the Technician Apprentice at our East Shop. He is a great addition and helps things run extra smoothly in the back. Cooper was born and raised in Colorado Springs. His previous experience has been in retail, with 2 years in Management. His favorite activities include anything outdoors, football, church and working on cars.


Dan Kane: Owner/Partner with Randy Schillinger- Honest Accurate Auto East, since January 2011.

Dan has owned and managed several businesses, and has his MBA in Organizational Management. Dan has been married to Rondi since 1986, and they have 3 sons together. Dan’s hobbies include golf and working on his 1953 Hudson. Dan is also working with his son, Austin on a 1948 Chevy Cabover Truck. Soon to have a 600HP Cummins diesel engine!

Rondi Stratton: Owner/Partner/Marketing and Website Interfacing, East Shop since January 2011.

Rondi has been business and marriage partner to Dan since 1986, having owned and managed Physical Therapy Institute in the 1990’s, as well as several other ventures including the Rocky Mountain Concours d’Elegance.  Rondi and Dan have three sons, Austin, Mack and Conor.  She has several hobbies, including hiking, cycling, and golf.

Susan Pepple: Shuttle Driver and Back Office, East Shop since December 2014.  Susan has been a loyal customer since 2004. She is retired from a nursing profession. Susan helps us part-time assisting with shuttle driving and back office assistance, as needed. She enjoys reading, gardening and volunteering with services through church.

Glenn Littrell: Shuttle Driver and Back office, East Shop since May 2015. One of the many smiling faces you see here at Honest Accurate Auto East. Glenn is one of our newest shuttle drivers. He moved to Colorado Springs with his wife in 2009. Glenn was previously involved in Christian ministry and has since retired. He has been a great asset to HAAS, not only helping build relationships with our clients but assisting in the back office with various administrative tasks.

Don Knetchel:  Shuttle Driver and Back Office support, at the East Shop since September 2016.  Don has been a loyal customer since moving to the Springs in 2014.  He is a retired police officer from Michigan. He and his wife moved to the Springs to be closer to family and grandchildren.  Don enjoys talking to the Honest Accurate customers while picking them up or dropping them off. Honest Accurate Auto customers sure are a lot nicer than the customers he used to place in the back seat of his police cruiser!  When not wheeling customer's around the city, Don assists in various back office duties and helps keep us organized.  He has the best handwriting in the shop, so he enjoys writing thank you notes to show our appreciation to our customers!

Jackie Trimble: Shuttle Driver and Back Office Support.  Jackie has been in Colorado since October of 1994, and has been a long-time customer of Honest Accurate Auto Service.  She loves hiking and biking, and is always looking for new trails to explore with friends!  Jackie hopes to go on more mission trips with her church, after going to Chihuahua, Mexico in 2016, helping impoverished children.

We appreciate our wonderful staff! 

Nevada Mesa View (West) Shop


Vicki Schillinger: Owner/Office Manager/Shop Mom, West Shop since April 1993.

Married to Randy since 1973, she is currently semi-retired and works part time doing payables for HAAS. Since starting the West shop in 1993, Vicki has managed most of the office responsibilities and has cared for the team as family, earning her the name of "Shop Mom". She and Randy have two daughters. Vicki was a travel agent for 24 years before joining Randy full time in the family business in 2008. Her hobbies include cooking, reading, leisure walks, RV camping and spending time with her family.

Kristin Satterfield: Accounting, West Shop since June 1998.

Kristin has been in charge of the accounting for our West location. She is the daughter of Randy & Vicki Schillinger. Kristin is a nurse in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Memorial Hospital Central. In her spare time she loves to scrap book, ski, ride bikes, and spend time with family and friends. She has been married to her husband, David, since 2005 and they have a daughter, Lynsey.

Randy Schillinger: Owner/Partner Honest Accurate Auto East and West since April 1993.

Randy started Honest Accurate Auto Service specializing in Honda and Acura's in 1993 and has been in the automotive industry since 1976. He holds a degree in Business Administration from Bismarck State College and has attended UCCS in the College of Business for Business Management. Randy is married to Vicki, and they have two daughters, two granddaughters and two grandsons. Randy enjoys spending time with his family and grandchildren, biking, hiking, skiing, camping and any physical outdoor sport!

Rob Schillinger: Owner/Partner Honest Accurate Auto West since 2005.

Rob is Randy’s twin brother, and has been married to Barb since 1990. Their son Jesse, also an Owner at the West shop. Rob brought 24 years of manufacturing experience from HP/Agilent and holds degrees in Electronics and Automotive Technology. He has attended UCCS in the College of Business Management. Rob enjoys long distance motorcycle riding, camping, hiking and mountain biking.IMG_8187

Jeff Schillinger: Shuttle Driver, West Shop since March 2014.

Jeff is the brother of West owner's Rob and Randy Schillinger. Jeff originally helped open the West shop back in 1993 and since has been back through out the years to help out with the family business. Jeff moved from Wisconsin back in March and has since then helped as being the main Shuttle Driver for the West Shop. He is enjoying participating in his son, Cory's, college experiences at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. He is also enjoying the many activities Colorado has to offer, including all the family activities here.

Jesse Schillinger: Service Advisor/Owner/Partner, West Shop since 2007.

Son of Rob and nephew of Randy, Jesse started with the West Shop in 1997 working in the back and assisting as an automotive technician. He is our “Jack of all Trades” person. Since 2007 Jesse has grown his expertise as a Service Advisor. He has recently become one of the newest Partners/Owners of Honest Accurate Auto Service-West Shop. His hobbies include motorcycle riding, fishing, camping, bowling and spending time with his son Joseph. Jesse enjoys staying active and works part-time helping others reaching their health goals with Herbalife.

Bola Shonoiki: Service Writer/Owner/Partner, West Shop since January 2014.

Bola is the nephew of Rob and Randy. Bola, originally ASE Certified Master Technician for the West shop starting back in April of 2012. Since then, Bola has become Service Advisor and one of the newest Partners/Owners of Honest Accurate Auto Shop-West. Bola received his automotive education at UTI in Phoenix, AZ. His progressive technical experience brings brand diversity to our West shop. He is married to Vanessa and they enjoy raising their two daughters and one son. The family enjoys snowboarding and spending time with major DIY home projects.IMG_8137

Albie Salazar: Service Advisor, West Shop since April 2015.

Albie is a Service Advisor at the West Shop. A native to Colorado, Albie has held various management roles in the banking and Identity Protection Industries. Once baseball season gets started, Albie is excited to support her favorite team-the Boston Red Sox! She has enjoyed spending the past few years taking on the role as a full time mother to her sister's 3 children and her own 3 children with her husband, Zach. There is never a dull moment (ever) at home and Albie enjoys helping customers at the West Shop.

Dean Hrdlichka: ASE Certified Master Technician, West Shop since May 1995.

Dean has been in the auto repair business since 1973, and has worked on Honda vehicles since 1978.  He has been with with Honest Accurate Auto since 1995. Dean loves to horseback ride, attend car races, and enjoys bowling.

Mike Hrdlichka:  Technician, West Shop since April 2008.

Mike has many years of experience in independent business, stocking and supplies.  He has been married to Sherree for over 25 years, and they have two sons, and 2 grandkids. He is brothers with Dean.  Mike owns and works the Farmer’s Market on weekends with his wife Sherree from May to October but hibernates during the winter months!IMG_8079


Justin Rose:  ASE Certified Technician, West Shop since June 2014.

Justin specializes in Subaru and has an expertise in a majority of makes and models.  He loves the Subaru line of cars and drives a nice WRX himself.  Justin comes from a long line of auto repair technicians in his family.  He has been in the auto repair business since 2007.  He enjoys traveling when he can, fishing, hiking and trying new things.

Bryson Ford: ASE Master Technician, West Shop since January 2016.

Bryson is a native of Colorado, born in Denver and has lived in the Springs since 1998. He specializes in Toyota and has been crafting his expertise since 2008. Bryson married his wife, Kandilyn in 2014. They both enjoy hiking and year round camping. We are excited to have Bryson as part of our team!

Brett Golas: ASE Certified Technician, West Shop since March 2016.

Brett is originally from Boston, but has lived in the Springs for the past 24 years. He has been a certified technician since 2009, specializing in GM vehicles. We are excited to have someone with his expertise. Brett stays active and enjoys camping, dirt biking, sky diving, hiking, fishing, and doing anything that involves the mountains.

Jay Burns:  Facilities Qualification Technician, West shop since 2002.

Jay is a retired ASE Auto Technician of 40 plus years.  He has helped out in many areas and is at both locations when needed. Jay keeps our shop equipment purring like a kitten. Hobbies are restoring old motorcycles, rebuilding bikes, and bike riding.