Suspension Service in Colorado Springs

If your car or truck is in need of suspension service in Colorado Springs, Honest Accurate Auto Service is here to help. Your vehicle’s suspension system serves two main functions: holding the car on the road and maneuvering on and off the road safely.   Thus, your suspension is quite important to your vehicle’s safety, both for maneuvering over the road and for keeping the driver and passengers comfortable as it keeps vibrations, noise, and bumps to a minimum. Because shocks and struts are such important parts of a vehicle’s overall suspension system, if they are worn or broken, they can impact your car or truck’s safety.  Any decline in suspension performance and condition are very real issues.

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Ball joints are yet another part of the suspension system. Used on virtually every single automobile manufactured, these spherical bearings connect the control arms to the steering knuckles. Think of them operating similar to the human hip joint.

A ball joint is made up of a bearing stud and socket made of steel, both of which are enclosed within a shell. The bearing stud fits into a conical hole in the steering knuckle. Protective casings (boot) keep dirt and moisture out of the joint assembly.

A vehicle’s control arm or wishbone (also referred to as an A-arm) is a triangular suspension member that hinges in two locations. The base of the triangle attaches at the frame and pivots on bushings. The narrow end attaches to the steering knuckle and pivots on a ball joint. A double wishbone suspension is made up of two of these devices per wheel.

Here are some warning signs that your car or truck shocks, struts, or other suspension components may be in trouble:

  • Leaking fluid from the shock or strut
  • Stiff (or loose), noisy steering
  • Tire wear that is uneven
  • Damaged shock or strut bodies
  • Broken, damaged, or worn mounts or bushings
  • Swaying or leaning during turns
  • Bouncing after driving over a bump in the road
  • A sharp jolt when hitting a bump or pothole

In addition to any issues with your suspension in Colorado Springs you might be having, Honest Accurate Auto Service can handle auto repair and scheduled maintenance for your vehicle, including oil changes, tires, alignments,timing belts, batteries, brakes, coolants, and transmissions. We have built a solid reputation by earning your trust. Taking care of and making sure our customers are satisfied are the tenets upon which we built our businessIntegrity.  Accountability.  Exceptional.  Everyday!  For car or truck suspension repair in Colorado Springs, contact us today!

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