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Your family can trust our family to keep your Suzuki running safely and smoothly long into the future.

Maintaining Your Suzuki.

Visit us at either location on a regular basis to keep your Suzuki running smoothly and safely. Our state-of-the-art equipment, comfortable waiting areas, and shuttle service make for an easy, convenient and pleasant automotive service experience. Depending on your vehicles’ age, mileage, and drive train, your car will give you gentle “reminders” on your dashboard (“maintenance required light”) when service is needed. Proper scheduled maintenance will also extend the life of your Suzuki. Please allow our service staff to help you take an active role in maintaining your Suzuki, all while extending your car’s life and reliability.

Why should you service your Suzuki regularly?

Safety for you and your family’s Suzuki is our number one priority. Our highly-trained and experienced technicians can help you prioritize what services need to be done, and at what intervals, to keep you driving safely. Suzuki recommends maintenance on a regular schedule to maintain your warranty, as well as to ensure the safe operation of your vehicle.

When should you service your Suzuki?

Based upon our 20 plus years of automobile service, we can offer insight into each model’s particular needs. Many of our newer model vehicles “remind” you when it is time for an oil change or if something needs attention (when your “maintenance required” light starts shining). We, however, recommend oil changes at least every 5000 miles or four months, if you are planning on keeping your car beyond the factory warranty period. Tires should be checked for air pressure and uneven wear at the same interval, and rotated at least every other oil change. All fluid reservoirs also need regular monitoring. We take care of all of that, and more, at every Oil Change Service so that you can rest easy knowing your car is safe for you and your family. See our recommended service schedule.

Why choose Honest Accurate Auto Service to maintain your Suzuki?

We are a family owned and operated business, which means our name is on the line every day. Your family can trust our family to keep your family’s vehicle running smoothly and safely. We treat each car as if we are working on our own vehicle, keeping your budget and time in mind at all times. You can have peace of mind, knowing that we will keep you informed at all times and we will only perform services that are authorized by you. Our service advisor and technicians are ASE certified and have years of experience with your Suzuki, so they know what is needed to keep you on the road and how to avoid costly breakdowns. Our technicians are paid on salary, not commission, (which is rare in this business), so they do NOT benefit financially by recommending more service on your vehicle. From oil changes, alignments, brakes, batteries and tires, major repairs to engine and drive train, you can rest assured that our certified, trained and experienced technicians will treat your “baby” like their very own!

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