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Honest Accurate Auto Service offers professional auto & truck brake maintenance and repair services in Colorado Springs, at both our Tutt Blvd. (East Side) and Nevada Mesa View (West Side) locations.  You can count on us to inspect your brake system to help you keep it in good repair, which will allow you to stop your vehicle quickly and efficiently – your most important safety concern when driving!

When you bring your car to the Honest Accurate Auto Service shop for regularly scheduled oil changes and maintenance (two to four times per year), we will check your brake pads, rotors/drums, calipers and brake fluid to be sure that all is in good working order.  Your brake pads will wear with time and miles driven, and are designed for periodic replacement in order to be effective.

old and new brake pads


Brake pads wear significantly with time and miles driven (left), and need to be replaced occasionally with new brake pads (right) to be effective.

Signs That You May Need Brake Repair Services

Be aware of any squealing/grinding noises, or vibrations and shudders that occur while braking. Let your Honest Accurate Auto Service technician or service advisor know what you are hearing and feeling.  Also, if you have to push your brake pedal in further or apply more pressure than you used to, you may need brake repair services.

If brake pads are allowed to wear too thin, they can damage other components of your brake system, namely the rotors. Honest Accurate Auto will recommend having your  brake pads replaced before they damage the rotors (metal on metal contact), thereby saving you money on the replacement cost of a new rotor.  We will also inspect the brake system for parts that may not be working properly, brake fluid that may be low or dirty, and rotors or drums that may be glazed, worn, or warped.  Honest Accurate Auto will make sure that all components are working at their best, so you do not have to worry next time you come to a stop.  You can make your brake pads and rotors last longer by changing your driving habits – plan ahead and slow down earlier as you approach stop lights, and, by using a lower gear in your transmission, you can avoid riding the brakes as you go downhill.

Honest Accurate Auto Service is your full-service maintenance and car repair shop in Colorado Springs, offering exceptional technicians and tools to handle any repair problems.  In addition to brake repair, we offer your truck or auto: timing belt replacement, air conditioning repair, electrical system diagnostic and repairs, battery replacement, shocks and struts, tire replacement/repair, wheel alignment, and much, much, more!

Schedule your appointment today so Honest Accurate Auto can make sure you are getting the most out of your braking system, as well as making sure that you do not do any unnecessary damage to other components of the brake system. We even offer a convenient complimentary shuttle service to get you where you are going, while your truck or auto is being repaired. For brake repair in Colorado Springs, give one of our two locations a call today.

West Shop:  426 Nevada Mesa View @ 719-598-6306.
East Shop:  3905 Tutt Blvd. @ 719-638-1800

For more information about brake pads and braking systems, check out our blog.

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