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Brake Check & Service in Colorado Springs, CO

Do you need help with brake repair in Colorado Springs?

You can count on the certified technicians at Honest Accurate Auto Service to conduct a thorough brake inspection of your vehicle. Brake repair services are the solution to a range of brake problems, from a vibrating brake pedal to leaking fluid.

Our service technicians address your most important safety concern when it comes to driving – the ability of your vehicle to stop quickly and efficiently – by providing necessary brake pad replacement, rotor resurfacing services, brake caliper replacements, and other brake repairs at the time of your appointment.

old and new brake pads


When you bring your car to our auto repair shop for a regularly scheduled oil change and maintenance, your technician will inspect your brake pads, rotors/drums, calipers, and brake fluid to make sure everything is in top condition.

How many times a year should you bring your vehicle in for maintenance? Two to four times a year says, Abe!


Honest Accurate Auto Services provides brake repair and rotor resurfacing services for cars and trucks near you. Whether your vehicle needs new brake fluid after a brake bleeding service for caliper replacement, or your vehicle just needs new brake pads, we are the honest brake repair shop in Colorado Springs.

The Honest Teams are family-owned, operated, and staffed. Both of our locations on Tutt Boulevard and Nevada Mesa View in Colorado Springs are trusted sources of auto repair in Colorado Springs, CO.

Honest Accurate customer Joie M. rates us 5 stars when it comes to our services.

“These guys live up to their name,” Joie said. “They consistently provide thorough explanations for any repairs they feel may be warranted, and always give me the full info I need to make an informed decision. I’ve been using them for about four years now, and I fully trust them with complete care of my vehicle, from regular oil changes to major repairs.”

The Top 3 Signs That You May Need Brake Replacement or Repair Services

  1. You can hear a squealing or grinding noise coming from the brakes.
  2. The brake pedal or steering wheel vibrates upon slowing or stopping.
  3. The brake pedal requires more pressure than usual in order to stop.
Honeset Accurate Car & Truck Repair

Brake pads wear according to the number of miles you drive and the type of driving you do. They are a wear item and are intended to be replaced as they wear and get thinner. Your Honest Accurate technician will let you know when your brake pads are due to be replaced.

Vehicle brakes wear out due to a range of individual factors. Factors that influence the condition of your brake pads include; city vs. rural driving, the material of your brake pads, manual vs. automatic transmission, and how aggressive your driving habits are.

If you press down on your brake pedal and hear a grinding or squealing noise, it is time to schedule a brake service. This is a sign that your brake pads are too thin and need to be repaired.

The average cost of a single brake pad ranges from $274 to $304. Keep in mind that two to four brake pads are replaced at the time of your appointment – the total cost of a brake repair can reach $900 or more, depending on the condition of your vehicle.

Thin brake pads cause metal-on-metal contact, damaging the rotors of your car or truck. Our technicians inspect your entire brake system, from brake lines to the master cylinder, so you don’t have to worry next time you come to a stop sign.

According to Accurate Andy, you can make your brake pads and rotors last longer by changing your driving habits.

  1. Plan ahead by slowing down earlier as you approach stoplights.
  2. Shift your vehicle into a lower gear to avoid riding the brakes as you go downhill.

Schedule Your Brake Inspection and Repair Service Today!

Honest Accurate Auto Service is your full-service car maintenance and auto repair shop in Colorado Springs. Our exceptional technicians are equipped with industry experience and tools to handle any repair problems.

In addition to brake repair, we offer the following services: timing belt replacement, air conditioning repair, electrical system diagnostic and repairs, battery replacement, shocks and struts, tire replacement/repair, wheel alignment, and more!

We offer a complimentary shuttle service to get you where you are going while your vehicle is being serviced. Schedule a service appointment online or by calling one of our locations today.

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