Jeep Auto Repair in Colorado Springs

Jeep Auto Repair

Why is it so important to service your Jeep regularly? Safety for the Jeep that gets you and your family from home to your destination—and back again—is our main goal. To that end, we have the best-trained and highly experienced technicians to help you prioritize what services your Jeep needs and when it needs them. Our highly-trained and experienced technicians offer Jeep auto repair in Colorado Springs to keep you driving on the road safely. The manufacturer has a specific maintenance schedule you’ll want to follow to keep your warranty up-to-date, and we can make sure that happens.  Your car’s life and reliability are on the line.

We proudly use the best equipment to provide Jeep repair in Colorado Springs. While you wait, relax in our comfortable waiting areas, with complimentary WiFi. Or, if you need to get somewhere, we offer a convenient shuttle service to work or home.

When should you service your Jeep? The answer to that question ultimately depends on the model of your Jeep. But with our two decades of automobile service experience, we can help you make that determination. In general, we recommend oil changes around every 5,000 miles (or about every four months). Every other oil change, tires should be rotated and checked for uneven wear, and making sure   that air pressure levels are constant.  Fluids should also be monitored regularly to ensure levels are adequate, and fluids are clean . We can handle all of these items for you to ensure your care remains within warranty, and even more important, that you and your family stay safe in your Jeep.

Why choose Honest Accurate Auto Service for maintenance or Jeep repair in Colorado Springs? We know that as a family-run business, our name and reputation are on the line with each and every vehicle we service. We understand budget and time constraints, and we consider them each visit you make to our shop. We proudly pay our ASE-certified technicians a salary rather than commission, knowing their focus will remain on only suggesting service that you absolutely need.  From routine scheduled maintenance, such asoil changes, alignments, brakes, batteries and tires—to major repairs and everything in between, our trained techs treat your car as they would treat their very own!