Beat the Summer Heat in Colorado Springs with Car AC Repair and Service

If the hot weather in Colorado Springs has made driving unbearable, it is time to schedule a car AC repair or inspection at Honest Accurate Auto Service. While we tend to think of auto air conditioning as a luxury, the sweltering temps inside your car beg to differ. Even with all the windows down and a nice cruising speed, the temperature of a car without air conditioning can be harmful. That means that getting it fixed should be a priority.

Your car can act like a rolling greenhouse when the conditions are right. Even open windows won’t stop the effect if it is hot enough outside. Combine that process with a dark car paint color that increases the absorption of heat and you’re going to be pretty miserable without air conditioning in the car. If you get stuck on the side of the road with a disabled vehicle and no shade, you have no protection from the heat because sitting in that tiny greenhouse will not be an option.

Now that we have stressed the importance of your car’s air conditioning, let’s take a look at how your system works and how car air conditioning repair services can get you back on the road feeling cool as a cucumber.

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How Does a Car Air Conditioner Work?

The way that your car air conditioning functions is similar to your vehicle’s radiator and cooling system. Refrigerant gas is run through the evaporator behind your dash and the warm air is blown across the fins of the evaporator. This cools the air that you feel coming from the vents and transfers the heat to the gas which is circulated back to the condenser in the front of the vehicle.

Air flowing across the condenser removes the heat from the gas in the system and allows it to circulate back through the system and cool the evaporator again. This is a very simplified explanation of the process. The air conditioning systems in modern vehicles are very complex and precisely balanced. They involve several closed systems and components that make car AC repair more complex than a DIY auto repair in the driveway.

For example, having too much refrigerant gas in the system is just as bad as having too little. It will decrease the cooling efficiency of the system, even to the point of making it inoperative. If any one of the components and sensors in the system stops working it can take the entire car AC down. That is why air conditioner repair for cars should be performed by a certified technician. Car AC repairs can become more costly if you try to use a home repair kit and make a mistake.

How Do I Know If I Need Car Air Conditioner Repairs or Service?

Knowing if you need car air conditioner repair or service isn’t always as simple as not feeling cool air coming from the vents. Ever get that dirty sock smell when you first turn your car’s air conditioning on? That’s a sign you may need an auto AC service. That “lovely” scent is caused when your evaporator pulls moisture out of the air before it enters your car. After a while, all this moisture can cause mold growth in your system and some pretty funky odors. Here is a list of signs you need to repair the auto’s AC:

You smell an unpleasant odor when turning on the fan.
There is a significant difference in temperature from the drivers and passenger side vents.
There is no cooling at all.
The vehicle cools well when it is just a little warm outside, but can’t keep up when it is really hot out.
The defroster doesn’t work, or the windows will not clear of moisture.
The air coming out is not as cold as it used to be. (Honest Accurate can perform a complimentary vent temperature check to confirm this.)
The fan (blower) does not work or is making strange noises.
The car is overheating when the air conditioning is on.
There are leaks from the AC system (sometimes not visible).
Your vehicle is having trouble switching back and forth from heating to cooling.
If you have any of these symptoms or you just want to make sure you are ready for summer, come see us at one of our three Colorado Springs auto repair shops. We will have our ASE-certified mechanics test and inspect your air conditioning system to find out if it is performing properly. Our experienced mechanics regularly perform air conditioning services for cars, trucks and SUVs and we have the AC auto parts to get the job done and the experience to get the job done right. We would love to help.

What is a Car Air Conditioning Service?

The type of car air conditioning service you need will depend on the problem with your system. Diagnosing your car air conditioning issue can be a lengthy and complex process. Air conditioning repair for cars and trucks can be difficult if you do not have the know-how to solve the problem. Steps like just adding a bit of refrigerant (also called freon) are not usually an effective long-term fix. However, that is a common way many vehicle owners try to get their systems working. The system is sealed so deciding this is an adequate ac/car repair may be faulty/ This is especially true if you have not seen visible leaks. Under normal conditions your vehicle will not lose any refrigerant unless you have a leak. And if you do have a leak, you likely need to get it fixed by a mechanic.

Part of diagnosing the problems with the car’s AC system is to check the pressures on the high and low side of the system to determine the charge level. This will give us an idea of how much refrigerant is in the system and how well the components are working. The only way to be sure is to evacuate the system and weigh the gas that was removed. When the gas is removed, we are able to apply a vacuum condition to the entire circuit and watch for a leak. If the leak is still not found we will recharge and add an ultraviolet dye to the gas which we can use to visually check for any leaks that we would otherwise not be able to see.

Honest Accurate explains our process for performing AC repair for cars at our shops in Colorado Springs so you know exactly what will happen during your appointment.

Inspection Includes:

  • Pressure check
  • Evacuate refrigerant
  • Measure the weight of the gas
  • Report of our findings
  • Any repairs are made if needed and approved
  • Car air conditioning recharge – recharge the system if needed
  • Recheck the system in a few months

Where Can I Find an Honest Accurate Shop to Car Air Conditioner Repairs Near Me?

If you notice that your air conditioning system is not as cold as it used to be, or if the volume of air blowing from the vents has decreased, Honest Accurate Auto Service’s shops in Colorado Springs can restore your system to its optimal operating condition with our auto AC repair services. If you are not sure if your car’s AC is cooling properly, feel free to stop by anytime for a complimentary “vent temperature check.” Or, if you feel your car has any of the list of symptoms above, we’re happy to check it out for you.

Be ready for that summer road trip and have your air conditioning system checked by one of our ASE-Certified technicians – we want to help you “beat the heat” this summer!

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