When To Service Your Vehicle

Your Vehicle Service Schedule

It is important to know when to have your vehicle serviced. One of the best ways to learn to maintain your car is the vehicle service manual. Each car manufacturer has written the manual to give you an overview of your car’s design and build. The manual will provide you with the best direction for keeping your car maintained. Our role at Honest Accurate Auto Service is to act as an adviser for you in your vehicle service needs. We have knowledgeable staff that can walk you through your recommended vehicle service.

An Overview of Required Vehicle Service

Many car owners become aware of routine maintenance needs at certain mileage intervals. Your owner’s manual will provide you with the suggested intervals. Some newer vehicles will have a reminder, usually on the dashboard, indicating that a service is needed. You may see a change light or read “change oil”. The “maintenance minder,” on most vehicles will become illuminated when the work is actually required. Honest Accurate Auto Service can help you with any required maintenance questions you may have. We will also help you keep track of your vehicle’s needs for continued maintenance.

Scheduling a Vehicle Service Visit

Honest Accurate Auto Service has made it easy for anyone to set an appointment for vehicle service. If you would like to set an appointment with us we will be happy to serve you and your car with the best care in the area.

Schedule maintenance choose the location nearest you.

The Honest Accurate Guide to Auto Service

Not sure when to get vehicle service and why? Check the guide below for the ABC’s of car care.