Oil Change Colorado Springs

Conventional & Synthetic Oil Changes for Your Car & Truck in Colorado Springs

Honest Accurate Auto Service is pleased to offer oil changes to our friends’ cars and trucks in Colorado Springs. This is an essential service your vehicle requires to run reliably and safely, and will help you maintain your vehicle’s resale value.

Your vehicle’s oil is the lifeblood of your car or truck.  If you could transfuse your circulatory system with new blood to rid your system of “sludge”, wouldn’t you do it?  That is what you do when you change the oil in your car.  Engine oil acts to dissipate heat, while it lubricates and cleans the internal moving parts of the engine.  If you do not change your oil regularly, or you run out of oil, your engine will have increased friction between the moving parts and therefore increased heat, which may damage the engine. If you run out of oil (which we commonly see), your engine may seize, destroying itself, leaving  you stranded on the side of the road.

Honest Accurate Auto Service offers complete oil changes for both non-synthetic and synthetic cars and trucks in Colorado Springs at our two shop locations in Colorado Springs, one located on the East side of Colorado Springs on Tutt Blvd. and the other on the West side on Nevada Mesa View.   We offer a full service oil change using quality oil, and including a courtesy check of belts, tires, condition and level of fluids, and a visual brake inspection.  We also install a good quality oil filter, with an anti-drain back valve that keeps your engine from starting “cold and dry”.  Your oil change will be completed by an ASE trained technician, who is certified and trained to evaluate your vehicle’s condition and spot potential problems before they become major problems.

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We are a full-service auto repair shop.

Honest Accurate Auto Service is your full-service maintenance and car repair shop in Colorado Springs, offering exceptional technicians and tools to handle any repair problems, such as:  brake repair, timing belt replacement, air conditioning repair, electrical system diagnostics and repairs, battery replacement, shocks and struts, tire repairs/sales, wheel alignment, and much, much more!

Your car will last longer and run more reliably when manufacturer’s recommended maintenance services are followed and oil changes are done at least every 5000 miles at Honest Accurate Auto Service in Colorado Springs.  One of our shops is close to your work or home, and we will provide complimentary shuttle service for your convenience.  Please call our Tutt Blvd. shop at 719-638-1800 or Nevada Mesa View shop at 719-598-6306 to schedule an appointment to have us perform your next oil change.

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