When your check engine light comes on, do not ignore it! This is a message from the system computer that your vehicle needs attention soon. The light could signal a need for a simple repair, like a loose gas cap, or something more complex, like a problem with the catalytic converter. It is vital for the health of your vehicle to contact an Honest Accurate Auto Service location for a complimentary check engine light test before any serious auto repair issues occur.

Free Check Engine Light Scan


To minimize engine damage, bring the vehicle to an Honest Accurate Auto Service technician to get your computer codes diagnosed as soon as possible. If your check engine light turns on in Colorado Springs while you are driving please take the following steps:

  1. First, pull over when and where it is safe to do so. Put on a pair of gloves and grab a shop towel. Check your oil level and coolant level (when cooled) and top them off if they are low. Accurate Andy Tip: When you do this, remember that the fluid of your engine will be quite hot! So, be cautious when you go to check the oil and coolant levels (only check when cooled!).
  2. Second, get back in the car and continue to drive. As you continue driving, be sure to keep an eye on your temperature gauge and engine oil pressure. You should also be attentive to the engine operation and transmission shifting to make sure that everything is working as it should.
  3. Third, when you get to a safe place, call your favorite auto repair shop in Colorado Springs to schedule a time for an Honest Accurate ASE certified technician to test your check engine computer codes. They will determine if your vehicle requires immediate attention, repair, or further diagnostic tests.

Following the steps above can help prevent any catastrophic damage to your vehicle before an ASE certified mechanic can inspect your check engine light diagnostics. If you are looking for more information we answer some frequently asked questions about check engine lights below. We also have helpful blogs toward the bottom of the page that shine more light on tips vehicle owners should know.


Tips from Accurate Andy and Honest Abe

Did you know that your vehicle is designed to operate in a “limp home” or “limp to my auto shop” mode? Unless you experience a critical component failure, your car will get you there!

“Limp Home” means the car operates safely, but…

  • May not have the power you are typically used to
  • May not utilize fuel efficiently
  • May not be as pollution-free out the tailpipe as designed to be

Frequently Asked Check Engine Light Questions

If your check engine light comes on while you’re driving do not panic. Instead, take a few deep breaths and pay attention to the two types of check engine lights – a solid light and a flashing light. A flashing light could indicate a more serious problem like overheating or engine misfires. Do not drive any further if this is the case. A solid light indicates a less severe issue and we recommend following the above instructions on what to do when your check engine light comes on while driving.

You can get your complimentary check engine light checked by an ASE certified technician at both of the Honest Accurate Auto Service locations in Colorado Springs. Checking your engine diagnostics will alert technicians to any need you may have related to maintenance service.

Does AutoZone check engine lights for free?

Yes, Autozone will read the codes on your engine light for free. They will also test your battery’s voltage and help install wiper blades. That does not mean they are an ASE certified technician who will be able to investigate why the diagnostic code is triggered.

Does O’Reilly check engine lights for free? 

Yes, you can get your engine light checked for free at O’Reilly. With that said, it is important to keep in mind that the store clerk will most likely not be able to repair the issue identified by the diagnostic code reader. That is why we recommend taking your vehicle to an ASE certified technician. Professional mechanics can diagnose and repair any issues with your automobile.

We will happily do a Complimentary scan of the diagnostic codes on a Check Engine Light at Honest Accurate Auto Services.

Your Honest Accurate Auto technician can then diagnose what is triggering your “Check Engine Light”.  Diagnostic codes will tell your technician what is making the check engine light activate, but the technician usually has to delve deeper to determine what system requires repair or which component is failing. If an issue with engine performance or emission systems is identified, certain components may require replacement. 

As vehicle emissions standards become stricter and fleet fuel mileage requirements increase, the associated technology to meet these demands has surpassed “rocket science”. Thus, we require sophisticated diagnostic equipment and highly trained technicians to operate and interpret trouble codes of diagnostic systems.

A faulty oxygen sensor is the most common reason that the check engine light is triggered. This sensor is used to optimize your vehicle’s performance by regulating the fuel-to-air mixture which improves gas mileage and reduces emissions.  

However, there are many systems that your vehicle’s computer monitors and the computer will alert you when any of those systems have a problem by triggering the Check Engine Light.  

Yes, low oil is a common reason that the check engine light will come on. You should also keep an eye for the red oil-can light to turn on which indicates your oil level is dangerously low. If you see this, pull over in a safe place, find and remove the oil filler cap in your engine bay, then pour a little oil in. This will help prevent your engine from seizing up on your way to the auto repair shop.

5 most common check engine light codes

  1. Oxygen Sensor – Codes: P0171-P0175
  2. Engine Misfire – Codes: P0300-P0305
  3. Evaporative System – Codes: P0411, P0440, P0442, P0446, P0455
  4. Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) – Code: P0401
  5. Catalytic Converter – Codes: P0420, P0430

You can learn more about this topic by reading our Honest Owners Guide to the Check Engine Light. 

Complimentary Check Engine Light Diagnostics Near Me in Colorado Springs

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