Vehicle Pre-Purchase Inspections in Colorado Springs

How do you know if you are getting a good deal, or buying yourself a set of problems in that used car you are considering?   A vehicle Pre-Purchase Inspection in Colorado Springs (PPI) by one of our ASE Certified Technicians is good insurance against buying an expensive set of repair or maintenance bills along with your new, used car.  Our technicians will review systems and components, and put you in a good bargaining position because you will know what is wrong, and what is right, with the pre-owned car. 

 A PPI on the vehicle will include:

  • Review of available maintenance records, including what has been done and what will be needed soon
  • Brakes, belts and hose condition
  • When is the timing belt due to be replaced?  (Replacement of timing belts needs to be done per the manufacturer’s schedule of miles on the vehicle and/or year of the car. (Replacement of the timing belt and associated components can cost $750-$1000.)
  • Fluid leaks that may be minor, or might add significant $ in repair costs.
  • Determination of whether the vehicle has ever been in an accident, repaired, or has rust damage.  Damage to the body or suspension can significantly decrease the value of the car, and may require further repairs.  Simple curb hits can bend upper or lower control arms, affect the hub assembly, and/or numerous other parts that may not be readily visible.
  • Brake condition
  •  Are the brake pads worn to where brake replacement is needed soon? ($200/axle)
  •  Have the rotors been overheated due to prolonged braking, or worn out due to metal-to-metal contact?  (Approximately $350/axle on a good day, if both rotors and pads need replacing)
  • Inspect  frame, shocks, struts, and axles
  • Are the shocks or struts leaking fluid?  If you need to replace struts ($500-600), you will need a 4-wheel alignment as well ($90).
  • Are the CV Joints torn, leaking or worn out?
  • Tire Life
  • Will the tires require replacement soon?  Are they safe?  Does the car need an alignment (which improves tire wear)?  You can tell a lot about a vehicle’s suspension system just by looking at each tire’s individual wear.
  • Engine Code Checks that can reveal engine/transmission/emission control problems & condition
  • Codes can be read by our diagnostic code reader and can give you a snapshot of unresolved problems.
  • Be an informed consumer!  A PPI is well worth an hour of your time, and for $150 or less (money that you may even save in your negotiation), you can buy with confidence and be steered clear of a “money pit”.  Schedule an appointment for a vehicle Pre-Purchase Inspection in Colorado Springs with your Honest Accurate Auto Technician for the vehicle you are considering, before you make that used car purchase, and feel comfortable with what you are getting for your dollar.

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