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So, you are getting everything ready for that summer road trip – packing the cooler, snacks for the road, making reservations to make that trip flow smoothly and looking to have a great time! A quick reminder to get your car road trip ready!

Prepare your vehicle before you leave – an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Don’t be stranded on the side of the road in the heat, with a few unhappy children (or worse, an unhappy spouse!)! Don’t ignore (or put duct tape over) any engine lights or maintenance-required lights on your dash –have them checked before you leave for any road trip, short or long.

 Get your car road trip ready with this list (before you leave!):  

1.  Be sure your regular maintenance is up to date. When was your oil changed last? If you will be over the recommended 5,000 miles between oil changes during your trip, take the time to have your oil changed prior to leaving your driveway. Changing your oil on a regular basis is your best insurance for maintaining consistent engine temperature, while preventing problems associated with excessive heat.

2.  Tire Inspection and/or Rotation. Putting more miles on your vehicle than you usually do will put additional wear and tear on your tires. Having the correct tire pressure will insure your tires wear as evenly as possible. If you do notice uneven tire wear, you need to rotate your tires and have your alignment checked. If new tires are needed, take care of that prior to hitting the road. A blown tire at highway speeds is dangerous for you and for other drivers.

 3.  Check the condition of your spare tire.  Make sure that your spare tire is in working order and has air.  You don’t want to be stuck on the side of the road needing the spare tire and find it flat!

 4.   Inspect Your Brakes: Stopping becomes very important, especially when it doesn’t happen as quickly you would like. Have your brake pads inspected, and replace if necessary. If the pads become worn too thin, metal-on-metal damage to the rotors can make repairs significantly more expensive. Are you hearing any squealing or grinding, or do you feel any vibration or shudder when you depress the brake pedal? These are signs that your brakes need attention.
5.  Check Your Fluid Levels:  Check the brake fluid, coolant, washer fluid, engine oil, power steering fluid, transaxle and differential oils. Keep an eye under your car (whenever you park) for ANY leaking fluids, and have your fluids checked for adequate level and condition – cloudy, dirty fluids are not as effective in keeping parts lubricated, and they will cause accelerated wear on the components that they were designed to protect.

Make sure to go through this quick checklist before you take your next road trip, whether its just 100 miles away or across the country.  You can’t go wrong by getting your car road trip ready!  Courtesy inspections made during your regularly scheduled oil service will help keep your overall vehicle ownership costs to a minimum while insuring your safety and your vehicle’s reliability.

Pressed for time?  Schedule an appointment at your favorite Honest Accurate Auto Service location. We will be sure to get your car road trip ready!  We will take care of all these items and more!

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