Top Car Safety Tips for Dogs and Other Furry Friends


Top Car Safety Tips for Dogs and Other Furry Friends in Colorado Springs

Car Safety for Pets Colorado Springs
Whether you go for a quick car ride around town or a long vacation journey, car safety matters for your pets as much as it does for the rest of your family. Protecting your dogs, cats, or other furry animal friends in a vehicle is a huge part of your responsibility as a pet owner. Every time you go for a drive, keep these essential pet safety tips in mind.

Pet Safety in Vehicles – How to Prevent Injury, Distraction, and Distress

 An unrestrained dog becomes a heavy projectile during a road accident that can not only result in serious injury for your pet but also for the people in the car. Per Allianz insurance company, even a car that stops suddenly at 25 mph can send a dog airborne with projectile forces 40 times it’s weight (a 40 lb. dog can impact with a force of 1600 lbs!).

Car Safety Restraints or Dog Seatbelt Harnesses

 Choose an approved seatbelt or car harness suitable for the size and weight of your dog. Connect it correctly every single time you go on a ride in Colorado Springs. For maximum comfort, use ones with a short tether, padded straps, and those that allow the dog to sit and lie down comfortably in a natural position.

Keep Pets Away from the Windows and Doors

As much is your dog may love to hang their head out the window and feel the Colorado Springs wind in their fur, doing so can be catastrophic in the case of an accident, or even just a short stop or quick swerve. Also, rocks and other debris from the road can get kicked up by tires and it your dog in the face.

NEVER Leave Your Pet in a Hot Car

The news is unfortunately full of horrific stories of bad pet owners leaving their dog or other animal in the car unattended. The internal temperature rises incredibly quickly: over 100 degrees Fahrenheit within 10 minutes. The dog or other pet can experience heatstroke, may become violently ill or lose their life, and you will be legally held accountable for this extremely bad choice.

Avoid Driver Distraction for a Safe Car Ride

Not all safety tips are only for your pet’s protection. If you want to get where you are going in Colorado Springs without problems, the last thing you want is your dog climbing on your lap, giving you kisses when you are trying to navigate traffic, or begging for attention. Distracted driving is one of the major causes of car accidents today, so properly securing your pet makes sense for everyone’s sake.

What About Cats and Other Furry Friends? 

If you are not a dog person, or you have multiple types of animals in your household, the same rules hold true for cats and other animals. In most cases, they would stay in a secure carrier or crate during a move or trip around town. The last thing you want is your pet rabbit jumping around in the footwell while you are trying to accelerate and brake smoothly.

Pet safety is one of your biggest responsibilities when you bring a dog, cat, or other animal into your family. As much as your furry friend may love to take a ride in the car, it will only go well if you practice all necessary and recommended car safety tips every single time.







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