Time for Winter Tires?

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Are you and your tires ready for winter?

Temperatures are dropping and snowy, icy roads are in your future…is your car ready??  Having excellent tread and the proper tire for the type of driving you do in the winter is essential for safe driving.  Now is the time to plan ahead and get your car winter ready!

Do you need winter (“snow”) tires?  Consider where you plan to drive this winter.  If you enjoy the mountains and are planning to go skiing, boarding, snowmobiling, a trip to Grandma’s house, etc., winter tires are definitely recommended.  In fact, with Colorado’s Traction Law, driver’s must have at least 1/8” tread depth, and/or tires with Winter or Mud/Snow designation.  Winter tires are made with a slightly softer rubber to contact the road better, have tread patterns that channel that channel snow and slush away from the treads, and allow the edges of the tread to grip the road more effectively.

Do you know the condition of your tires?  An easy way to check your tires is turn your front tires to one side or the other when stopped for gas, so that you can see the tread wear and depth more clearly (or stop in to one of our shops for a complimentary quick check by one of our technicians).   Are your tires wearing evenly across the tire, or is one side or the middle of the tire worn down more than the other?   An easy way to measure tread depth is to place a penny into the tread of your tire with Lincoln’s head down.  If the tread covers part of Lincoln’s head, you have more than 1/8” (2/32nds) of an inch of tread.  If you can see all of Lincoln’s hair, then you have so little tread that it would be considered a “bald” tire and is considered unsafe. If you use a quarter, and the tread is above Washington’s hair, there is at least 1/4” (4/32nds) and is significantly safer.  Stopping distance with less than 1/4” tire tread depth can take more than double the stopping distance required with good tread.  Co-Owner, Roy Keiser, gives some tips for checking your tires in this video.


  If your winter driving consists of getting to work and/or taking children and carpools to school and activities, you need to be able to stop quickly in traffic and be able to start from a stop on an incline.  Only a small footprint of the tires rubber actually contacts the road, so that traction is essential for gripping the road.  Therefore, when you execute a turn, your tires will follow the road as you intended (instead of sliding around the corner!)  When you apply your brakes, your tires will have enough traction to slow you down in order to miss the car ahead of you.

If you have a 4-Wheel Drive (4WD) vehicle, don’t think you get a pass on having good tire tread.   Although 4WD vehicles can accelerate better than 2WD, these vehicles give you no advantage in braking or cornering…bald tires on a 4WD will slip on ice and snow just as easily as bald tires on a 2WD vehicle.

Do you have a student driving to school every day or headed back to college after the holidays?  Or maybe elderly parents who need a little extra traction when stopping?  Tires are a great Christmas present for family members (who wants a few more sweaters you will never wear for Christmas?).  Let Honest Accurate Auto Service help you with your tires – stop by and talk to one of our knowledgeable Service Advisors about which tire best meets your needs.  Take advantage of our featured Nokian tire offer during the month of November.  Or we can offer a Gift Certificate to put under the tree for Christmas!

Don’t delay.  Now is the time to get ready for winter weather that is on its way!

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