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Wheel Alignment in Colorado Springs

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Honest Accurate Auto Service offers state-of-the-art, professional alignment services for your 2-Wheel drive, 4-Wheel drive, and All-Wheel drive vehicles.  Our highly trained, ASE certified technicians can make the necessary adjustments to your vehicles’ steering and suspension components to ensure straight tracking and even tire wear.

If you are wondering whether your car needs a wheel alignment, take a look at your tires.  Are they wearing unevenly?  Do you see more tread wear on the outside edges of your tires?  If you observe either of these, it’s a good indicator that your car is out of alignment.  A couple of other seat-of-the-pants indicators that an alignment is needed would be if your car tends to drift or pull to the side when you are driving straight, or if you are driving straight and your steering wheel is slightly off center.

Your car or truck can go out of alignment for various reasons.  Everyday, normal driving can cause misalignment through worn parts or weakened springs or struts.  Or, a small accident, potholes, or curb bumps/hits can disrupt your suspension, knocking some of the highly calibrated components off kilter, causing your wheels to sit at improper angles.  A wheel alignment restores these angles to their correct specifications, allowing your wheels to sit straight and your vehicle to drive straight.

The most cost-effective benefit of a wheel alignment is less tire wear.  With tires costing $100-$300 each, an alignment for $80 – $135 can be a worthwhile part of your vehicle’s regular car maintenance program.  Secondary benefits of an alignment include better fuel mileage through reduced rolling resistance, and the added safety of knowing your car will go in the direction you point it.

So, what should you expect when you have a wheel alignment performed at Honest Accurate Auto Service?  This elaborate process will be performed by one of our highly-trained, ASE Certified Technicians, utilizing state-of-the-art, computerized alignment equipment that will provide you with a pre-alignment and post-alignment print-outs, detailing all the critical measurements that relate to measureable/definable suspension angles…toe, camber and castor.  If, when we set your vehicle up and record all the initial settings, your car or truck’s alignment falls into the manufacturers recommended specifications and adjustments are unnecessary, you will only be charged for an alignment check, not a full alignment.  If a full alignment is required, you can rest assured it will be done accurately and professionally. Schedule an appointment today at our East Location: (719) 638-1800 or West Location: (719) 598-6306.