5 Tips for Safe Winter Driving

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In our last post we shared how to prepare your car for winter. Now that winter is quickly approaching, we want to review some tips for safe winter driving.

Driving in winter is not the same is driving in the warm summer months. Road and weather conditions change dramatically, and some people never change their driving habits. This can be dangerous. Drivers must prepare to drive carefully in the coming months to protect themselves and others on the road. Review these tips for navigating the roads in the coming months.

1) Slow down and don’t follow too closely
Ice can be hard to see, so it is best to go slower than you are used to. Slowing down, especially in low visibility or whiteout conditions, reduces the chances of skidding and losing control of your car. You may need to leave earlier to make it on time, but the extra time is worth the reduced chances of losing control.

2) When snow falls, clean off your whole car
You may be tempted to just brush the snow off your windshield and windows and hop in the car, but taking the time to brush the snow off your whole car may improve your safety. Blowing snow from the roof of your car can be a hazard for you and fellow drivers.

3) Don’t use cruise control
Cruise control is often a convenient feature, but it gives drivers a slower reaction time in wintry conditions. It is better to keep the speed under your control so you can react to icy roads and unexpected changes quickly.

4) Don’t slam on your brakes if you begin to skid
When you start to lose control and skid, your instincts may tell you to slam on your brakes. This is actually the worst thing you could do. Don’t step on the brake or the accelerator. Instead, take a deep breath, look toward where you want to go, and steer in that direction. Your tires will regain grip and you will have control.

5) If you do slide off the road…
If you slide off the road and seem to be stuck, don’t spin your wheels. Turn your wheels side to side a few times to push snow out of the way.You can use a shovel to clear away snow from the tires and pour sand or salt on the path to gain traction. Then use a light touch on the accelerator to ease your car out.
If you are stuck in bad conditions, stay in your car unless there is a warm shelter in sight. It is best to stay in your car and call for help. Prepare by keeping a coat, blanket, flashlight, snow brush, and scraper in your car.

Colorado road conditions are unpredictable. The weather can change from sunny to a driving snowstorm within an afternoon. Remember to prepare yourself, be patient, and drive slowly. If the road conditions are very bad, it is best not to drive if possible. Follow these tips to stay safe on your journey.

Prepare Your Car for Winter at Honest Accurate Auto Service

If you have questions about safe winter driving or making sure your car is ready for wintry conditions, call us at (719) 357-8989 for our Tutt Blvd. location or (719) 445-7505 for our Nevada Mesa View location.If you’re looking to get your car serviced and ready for winter driving, Honest Accurate Auto Service has a “Bumper-to-Bumper” Winterization/TripCheck Service. Visit www.HonestAccurateAuto.com or stop at either of our Colorado Springs locations.  You can also schedule an appointment online.

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