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We’ve been fortunate to maintain and service the cars of the Colorado Springs community since 1993. This year, we’re asking for your nomination for the Colorado Springs Gazette’s 2014 ‘Best of the Springs Awards’.  Honest Accurate Auto Service has been a ‘Best Of the Springs’ award winner 3 years in a row and we need your help to make it year number 4.  From now through November 3rd, the Gazette istaking nominations for their various categories, and from there the top 10 within each category will be eligible for receiving votes for the Gold, Silver and Bronze designations.
Why do we care about this award, you ask? We are committed to providing the best automotive repair and service in Colorado Springs and believe the acknowledgment pushes us to not only uphold that standard, but to continue to improve upon our customer service.
It takes only a minute. Here’s what you need to do:
2. Scroll until you see ‘Mechanic‘ (not listed alphabetically).
3. Type in ‘Honest Accurate Auto Service‘ and hit ‘vote‘.
We appreciate your nomination!  When we make it to the top 10, we will notify you via our Honest ‘Lee’ blog and social media sites with a request and instructions to vote.  Thank you for the trust you place in us, and for taking the time to nominate Honest Accurate Auto Service!

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