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Car Maintenance Tips Happy Valentine’s Day!  Please don’t forget your “significant other” this Valentine’s Day, but also give your car a little “love” this February and to keep  her happy!  With the de-icing chemicals on the road, and the big changes in temperature that your car has to endure, winter weather takes a big toll on your car’s exterior and mechanical workings.  A few reminders to keep you safe on the road:

Check your vehicle Owner’s Manual.  The manufacturer’s recommended service schedule is your best guide to keeping your car maintained in a way that will make it last the longest, drive more safely, and stay happy J.  The oil is your car’s “life blood”, but it is often the most neglected service.  Change your oil regularly, at least every 5000 miles, for the best long term outcomes.

Wash your car frequently throughout the winter, to remove the magnesium chloride deposits, dirt and debris that can take its toll on your car’s exterior finish.  If you can, drive your car through a car wash that has an “under car” wash system too.

Have your battery checked with professional equipment.  Often there is little to no warning that your battery is dying, and extreme changes in temperature take a toll on your battery.  If your battery is over 3 years old, it is wise to have the voltage checked by your favorite Honest Accurate Auto Service technician to be sure that it will have enough charge to power the many electrical draws in your car, plus start your car every time.  Your battery is your car’s “heartbeat”, and your car will thank you for keeping it going strong!

Visibility is key during winter when daylight hours are shorter… your car’s “eyesight” is very important!  Often, we are driving to work in the dark and coming home in the dark.  So, be sure your windshield is free of cracks or anything that limits your visibility, your defroster should work properly and clear your windshield quickly. Windshield wipers should clean the windshield without streaking, or have them replaced.  Windshield wiper fluid reservoir should be topped off regularly, and headlights should be checked and replaced as they burn out (be aware that headlight covers can become cloudy and scratched, but can be restored with headlight polishing).

Be sure your tires have adequate traction in the snow and ice – getting your car some new “shoes” may prevent that curb hit (that can be very expensive to repair), or may just allow you to stop more quickly, and allow you to corner that turn or advance up the hill as needed.

Let Honest Accurate Auto Service help you keep your car driving safely, without spending more than necessary.  Call for your appointment today for an Oil Change Service or our “Bumper-to-Bumper” Special — our multi-point  inspection will give you important information that will keep you and your car happy!!

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