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Is your car making strange noises?  When you notice a new or unusual noise, your Honest Accurate service advisor and/or car mechanic can help you diagnose the problem, figure out where it is coming from, and ascertain whether or not it is a problem you should be concerned about.  You can expedite the diagnosis procedure by relaying what the noise sounds like, exactly when it happens and what part of the car you think it might be coming from.  Often, we will have one of our technicians drive with you in your car, so that we can be sure that we repair the component generating the noise that you are hearing.  Honest Accurate Auto often uses a stethoscope and sometimes a remote set of electronic “ears” to determine exactly where a particular sound originates.

A few common noises coming from a car and what they may indicate are provided below:


Car Noise Diagnosis CHIRP:

A sound like a bird is nesting in your engine, which could indicate a poorly adjusted drive belt or the idler pulley, or a bird in your engine.  This noise coming from your car could also be as catastrophic as a crankshaft bearing that is starting to deteriorate and “spin”.


This sound is generally heard when you go over a bump in the road, and indicates a possible problem in the suspension bushings, shocks, struts or strut towers (can be either front or rear end).


Often difficult to tell exactly where it is coming from, this could be a wheel, axle or differential bearing (or mother-in-law!) problem.  Pay attention if the car noise occurs on acceleration, deceleration, or if it is constant.


A metallic (metal on metal) noise should never be taken lightly.  Some component is wearing out, and needs to be looked at quickly (brakes, bearings or???).


A sound that you may think is a trapped insect (be sure and look for the little critter first!), but can be re-created by pressing or gently pounding on various car body parts.  Possibly a part has become loose, and merely needs to be retightened.  Sometimes, a door may need to be taken apart to find the culprit.


This type of noise coming from a car generally comes from a heavy, substantial component, such as a set of gears.  One example could be a bad rear axle bearing, or motor mount that is making this noise (could also be a “clunk” when you shift from Drive to Reverse).

Squeal (not like a pig!):  Usually high-pitched in nature and goes with engine speed.  This could originate with the power steering pump or air conditioning compressor and, sometimes, in the alternator.  By turning your steering wheel back and forth or turning your A/C on/off and lights on/off, you may be able to pinpoint the source.

There are many other types of sounds that may be heard or felt, but be aware of your car’s particular sounds.  The technician must be able to hear the sound you are complaining of to accurately diagnose the problem.  For example, if the problem you are experiencing only occurs upon starting a cold engine, be prepared to leave your car overnight so that the problematic circumstances can be duplicated. Diagnosing car noises is an art!  For auto repair in Colorado Springs, let the professionals at Honest Accurate Auto Service help diagnose your car noise problems. Schedule an appointment today.

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