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Honest Accurate Auto Service proudly announces diesel truck service and repair at both locations in Colorado Springs, Colorado!

As a diesel truck owner, you are a special breed! You have the torque and gearing to pull mountains! You don’t want just any mechanic working on your truck…you need an experienced diesel technician (mechanic) working on your diesel truck!!

Honest Accurate Auto Service Diesel Truck Mechanics - East shop
Roy Keiser and Dylan Dickey, diesel experts at Honest Accurate Auto Service – East location.

Honest Accurate Auto Service has the technicians you can trust with confidence. ASE Master Certified with extensive experience in diesel engines, our Senior Master Certified technicians can give you what your diesel truck needs – timely maintenance and accurate repairs.

Honest Accurate Auto Service Diesel Truck Mechanics - West shop
Justin Rose and Brett Golas
diesel technicians at Honest Accurate Auto Service – West location.

Whether you need scheduled maintenance or major repairs, Honest Accurate Auto Service is your one-stop shop. Our diesel technicians know your Powerstroke, Cummins, and Duramax diesel-powered trucks.   They know the maintenance that is required to keep these engines running smooth and powerful. Diesel fuel has higher energy density (BTU/lb.) than gasoline so you get more power and better fuel economy than your gas-powered counterparts. It’s amazing that we don’t have more passenger vehicles here in the United States that run on diesel fuel…yet!

Maintenance and inspection schedules on diesel engines are not the same as gas engines, therefore diesel engines must be treated differently, particularly with the ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel (ULSD) and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) now mandated. Fuel and air filters need to be replaced regularly to make sure your truck runs smoothly and complies with our stringent diesel-powered emission standards.

Since diesel powered trucks are much heavier than gas powered trucks, brakes are larger and more heavy-duty. Stopping power has to be greater, so it is critical that your vehicle’s brakes are in good working order. Changing brake pads in a timely manner can save money by decreasing heat buildup, warping, and metal-to-metal contact on the rotors, allowing them to last longer and stop faster.

Engine work is also more complex on a diesel truck, requiring specialized equipment and training to work on the entire drivetrain. New systems such as the selective catalyst reduction (SCR) that use DEF fluid, and the older and still used diesel particulate filter (DPF), require special knowledge and tools to accurately diagnosis and repair. Complex systems in diesel trucks are dependent on one another. When one system has a problem, it can affect the working of another system that may appear totally unrelated. When one problem is addressed, an experienced diesel technician will know to check the various interdependent systems to ensure that a new problem does not arise elsewhere.

The longevity of your diesel engine and drivetrain are dependent upon your diligence in adhering to regular scheduled maintenances.  We know you want your diesel mechanic to have the skill and knowledge specific to your diesel engine.  Our diesel technicians have the skills and knowledge to care for your Ford Powerstroke, Dodge Cummins, and  Chevy Duramax diesels!

Duramax diesel maintenance and repair Cummins diesel engine maintenance and repair Ford diesel power stroke maintenance and repair

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