Fresh Ink: Fresh Air! Don’t like what you are smelling? Could be your cabin filter!

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Many people are not even aware that their car has a cabin filter, let alone know what it does.  Most cars built in the past 15 years have a filter, usually located under the car dash. The sole purpose of this cabin filter is to remove the dust and pollen from the air entering your heating, air conditioning, and ventilation system before you breathe it, and help to eliminate noxious odors.  It serves the same function as the furnace filter in your home.

Not only can a dirty cabin filter affect the quality of air you breathe, it can also affect the performance of your heating and air conditioning system. Clogged cabin filters stress the blower motors.  Blower motor failure can be expensive to repair – an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!   A fresh, clean cabin filter will allow maximum flow from the vents of your air conditioner, so that cool, clean air will feel like it did when your car was new.  It will also remove contaminates from the air you breathe.

Manufacturer’s recommendations for the replacement of your cabin filter is usually 15,000 miles. Realistically, you can gauge the condition of your cabin filter by comparing it with the condition of your engine’s air filter. This filter is normally easier to access, and is usually checked at each oil change.  Both filters can easily go 30,000 miles, if driven in non-dusty, city or highway conditions. Have your favorite Colorado Springs auto repair technician check your filter today!

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