Father’s are people too…

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By the time you read this, Father’s Day will be over but, lest you forget, you still have four days to pamper us…remember its Father’s Day “week”!!!  So, what can you do for that special man in your life?  You don’t suppose he’s getting tired of weird ties, beer mugs, billfolds and anything else his children happen to find in the grocery checkout line for less than $2 and change???  Trust me, he is!  So, what could you give him that is different and something he would enjoy/use?  Ok, here it is…a “Get out of taking the car in for service free” card!  Just because he’s a guy doesn’t mean he likes to take his car in for service…he just whines less than you do.  Do you suppose that would put a smile on his face?  You betcha!!  Just think, you can use this to your advantage for the entire year…”Remember when I took your car in for service, dear?”  And, if you find an accurate and honest auto service center, you can relax while you wait, drink coffee or soda, watch TV, talk on Facebook, read a book, eat bon bons – enjoy the peace and quiet!!  But here’s the secret…never tell your man what a pleasant experience it was.  Tell him it was dreadful…milk it for all its worth…it will be our little secret.

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