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With the rising cost of fuel, who doesn’t desire better gas mileage from their car?  Time for a Fuel Induction System Cleaning – you can potentially improve 2-4 miles per gallon, reduce environmentally damaging exhaust emissions, and get better performance from your vehicle.   Your fuel system consists of your air filter, fuel filter, intake manifold and valves, exhaust valves, throttle body, fuel injectors, fuel pump, and gas tank.  Over time, dirt, sediment, petroleum sludge and carbon deposits build up in the system, which negatively affects your car’s performance, decreases gas mileage, and increases exhaust emissions.  If, over time, you notice that your car is harder to start, if it hesitates and stutters upon starting, or if you have begun to notice decreased fuel mileage, then you will notice a difference and benefit from a Fuel Induction System Cleaning.  Professional cleaners and the method they are injected into your induction system make them significantly more effective than over-the-counter products by cleaning fuel injectors, intake valves, ports and combustion chambers which can help reduce problems such an engine surge, stalling, stumble, hesitation and power loss.  An honest and accurate ASE technician can run a Fuel System Induction Clean, which takes about an hour.  Relax in comfort while your car receives her internal beauty treatment …she will feel as fit as a fiddle!

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