When you just can’t print money like Uncle Sam….

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Trying to figure out how to find good automechanics in Colorado Springs and operating on a budget (aren’t we all??)?  You are not the Lone Ranger and often the answer is to prioritize your automotive repairs and maintenance costs – no different than having to prioritize our descretionary spending.  Some things you can put off for a period of time and others need your immediate attention.  But which are which and how do you decide?  At Honest Accurate Auto Service, we deal with this every day and the answer is really quite simple when you break the problem into 3 basic categories… safety first, then minimize near-term damage and lastly, eliminate preventable repairs through timely maintenance.  When any service is performed on your vehicle, an experienced ASE certified mechanic should inspect and document the condition of all critical wear components and systems on your vehicle …brakes, tires, fluids, seals, filters, engine/transmission mounts, etc.  Any components needing attention should be noted and prioritized for you as described above.  Then work out a schedule that best fits your vehicle maintenance budget.  Ask your mechanic or service advisor what he/she would do if it were their car… personalize the conversation so you can fully understand the situation and make the best financial decision regarding your hard-earned money.  Sometimes “a penny saved is a penny earned”, and other times, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.  Let experienced auto repair personnel help you make those decisions wisely. 

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