Happy Mother’s Day!

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First and foremost, Happy Mother’s Day! For everything you “Mothers” do, we should be celebrating your contributions all week (or month) long!  With tongue-in-cheek, we’ve all heard the expression, “if Mama ain’t happy, then no one is happy”.  In all fairness to “Mama”, this old adage probably comes from the fact that “Mama” is so busy multi-tasking and doing for everyone else, that she’s got nothing left but raw nerves and one of us is probably standing on one of those raw nerves.
More and more we are seeing women bringing the family’s car in for service or repair…a task some of us don’t look forward to.  So, here’s a Mother’s Day present that benefits everyone in the family.  Fix her car problems…eliminate something that is aggravating (standing on her one remaining nerve!).  Car running rough? Oil change due? Brakes grinding or squeaking? A/C blowing hot air?  Check engine light on?  Maintenance due light on?
But what if her car is running great and all her maintenances are up to date?  Then give her the gift of knowledge and confidence.  Call your favorite honest accurate auto service facility and see if they conduct educational seminars for women – help take the mystery and anxiety out of Mama’s next visit with your “mechanicish-speaking” auto technician.  Sign her up for the gift that keeps on giving for a lifetime! Happy Mother’s Day!

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