Headlight Polishing

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In these dark days of winter, have you found that you aren’t seeing the road ahead as well as you should?  Do you feel like you are driving in a haze?  You may think that one of your headlight bulbs has burned out, but it could be that your headlight lens itself is cloudy and scratched.   Most modern headlight lenses are made from polycarbonate plastic, which is lighter than glass, and generally more resistant to stone chips and cracks.  However, over time, they can become severely clouded and pitted and light has difficulty shining through, thus decreasing your nighttime visibility.  The replacement cost for headlight lenses can run more than $400.  However, there is quick and relatively inexpensive alternative – Headlight Lens Polishing.  What this entails is a four-step process of cleaning, applying mild abrasives, then finishing with a fine polishing compound applied by a random orbital buffer.  This process takes approximately 60 minutes to sand and polish through the surface scratches and chips, resulting in a finely polished lens.  Ask your favorite honest accurate mechanic for a Headlight Lens Polishing in Colorado Springs and get out of the “fog”!  Best Wishes for Safe Driving during the holidays, from Honest Accurate Auto Service!

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