It all starts …. with the Battery!!

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Over the years, the demands placed upon your car’s battery have increased dramatically.  Many of us only think of the battery when our car fails to start our engines.  Here are a few other electrical systems placing multiple demands on your battery:

  • ECU:  Electronic Control Unit…the “brains” of your car.
  • Lights… “all the better to see you with, my dear.”
  • Fan…keeping you cool when you’re hot and vise versa.
  • Windows and door locks…keeping you in and others out!
  • Stereo and auxiliary power ports…I’m so excited!
  • Power/heated seats…oh, that feels so good!
  • Wipers/defoggers…who’s steaming up the windows?

I think you get the picture…today’s batteries are working harder than ever!  Let’s say you live somewhere with hot summers and cold winters…sound familiar?  Both extremes, hot and cold, are battery killers.  Battery capacity falls by about 1% per degree below 68 degree F.  However, high temperatures are not ideal for batteries either, as this accelerates aging, self-discharge and electrolyte usage.  Fully discharged batteries (“dead” battery) lose about 80% of their life expectancy when compared to a battery that never went “dead”.  So what should you do?  If your battery is between 3-5 years old (or older) or if you are noticing a pattern of slow engine cranking, stop by your preferred honest accurate auto shop and have your battery tested…it’s one pass or fail test that just might keep you off the side of the road someday.

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