Eat that elephant….one bite at a time!

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We have been discussing ways to keep your overall vehicle ownership costs low without sacrificing reliability or safety.  In this article, we are not talking about those forced expenditure situations … we are talking about planning and budgeting for scheduled maintenance and wear item replacement.  Unfortunately, budgeting is boring and requires discipline and consistency … not nearly as much fun as spontaneity and wishful thinking.  If you do prefer reliability and safety over random moments of sheer terror and emotional upheaval, here is what you need to do – create an annual budget for your car.
Every car needs fluid and filter changes, tire replacement, brake service, as well as critical component replacement, such as timing belts, water pumps, spark plugs, CV joints, shocks/struts, batteries, drive belts, valve adjustments, etc.  All of these items have average life expectancies and, depending on your driving habits and environment, we can be fairly accurate in determining when these things need to be addressed for budget purposes.  An honest accurate ASE certified service advisor familiar with your type of car can help you create an estimate for the services your car will need during the next twelve months.  By setting aside money every month, “one bite at a time”, you will have the funds available when the time comes to “eat the elephant” and perform the required and recommended maintenances on your car.

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