Curb Hits and Bottomless Potholes – Keep Your Wheels in Alignment!

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My sons think drifting can be fun, but not when tires hit a curb while sliding off the icy roads!  Small curb hits and running over the numerous potholes in our roads can alter the alignment on your front or rear tires.  Even small (degree) changes in alignment can result in uneven wear of your tires, and a pulling to one side of your steering wheel.  Damage can occur to your wheel (bend or crack) and/or in the tire itself.  A bent wheel can result in annoying vibrations and premature tire wear.  A significant curb or pothole hit can also do serious damage to your tires structural integrity.  The tire(s) may not appear cut or damaged, but often the tread and/or side wall plies get “bruised” and will eventually begin to weaken and separate.  Once this happens, you may begin to notice a tire bulge or a vibration on an otherwise well-balanced wheel.   If you are aware of these symptoms or suspect possible damage after an up-close and personal curb/pothole encounter, do yourself and your car a favor by stopping by an ASE certified service facility for a road test and inspection for possiblewheel alignment needs… your safety and peace of mind are your reward.

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