Maintaining your Battery

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With the cold weather upon us, be sure your car battery in Colorado Springs is in adequate condition.  As it gets colder outside, your battery becomes less efficient while your engine demands even more cranking amperage to start.  All batteries wear out with time, and a dead or weak battery can leave you stranded with no warning! Is there anything worse than the sound of your car trying to start on a cold winter morning, when it just doesn’t have enough power??  Modern vehicles have many more electrical components that depend on and strain your battery, such as power seats and seat heaters, sunroofs, power outlets for cell phones and DVD’s, or security and GPS systems. Have your battery tested by your favorite Colorado Springs auto repair technician, so you know the following:

  • the voltage in your battery
  • how much reserve power is available (cold cranking amps)
  • if the alternator is recharging the battery properly

If you require car battery replacement, ASE technicians will safely change out the battery, while maintaining the memory in your engine computer, radio, seats, windows and clock.  We will then dispose of your old battery in an environmentally safe manner.  Cold weather decreases the amount of cranking amperage available to your electrical system –don’t get caught SHORT and STRANDED!

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