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A few basic reminders will help keep you on the road, instead of unexpectedly stranded on the side of the road.  Most of us fill our gas tank at least once a week, making it a good time to walk around your car and do a quick visual check.  Check the following:

Tires:  Before you get out of the car, turn your steering wheel so that you can see the tread on your front tires.  Are they wearing evenly from side to side?  How much tread is left?  Check air pressure and look for cracks in the side walls.

Oil Level:  Find your oil dipstick, and wipe it clean, then push back into the reservoir to read the level.    If you check it weekly, you will notice if the level is constant or declining. This will help you know when an oil change is needed.

Window Washer Fluid:  Visibility is not over rated!!  Your ability to see in ALL weather conditions is critical.  Be sure you have ample fluid to clean your windows as needed and be sure your wipers are not cracked or worn out, thus allowing your wipers to create a clean sweep of the windshield.

Regular checks help keep you in-tune with your car, and ward off catastrophes that can ruin your day.  If you have any questions on how to check your fluids or tires, stop in at your Honest Accurate auto shop anytime for a quick refresher!   Tune in next week for more “Car Check” reminders.

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