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We believe that preventative transmission maintenance is the best medicine for your car…saving you money and time in the future. That is why Honest Accurate Auto Service provides superior service and repair/replacement for your transmission.  Our service includes maintenance and repair of automatic and manual transmissions, drive axles and differentials.

Today, we want to specifically address the importance of periodically changing the transmission fluid in your vehicle.  At this time of year, many people are towing boats, ATV’s, and all kinds of fun summer toys!  Towing places extra stress on your transmission.  Add the effect of driving our steep Colorado mountain grades, and the transmission can experience significant heat build-up. Even city driving, with the frequent stops and starts, cumulatively wears the transmission and deteriorates the important lubricating, heat-dissipating transmission fluid.

What does the transmission do?  Both automatic transmissions and manual transmissions (along with the clutch and pressure plate) are critical in transferring the power from the engine to the drive train, therefore making your car move.  The transmission allows acceleration and deceleration, and changes power from forward to reverse.  If your vehicle did not have a transmission, your car would always go at a constant speed and only in one direction.  Pretty important, right?

With time and miles, transmission fluid begins to show its age as it oxidizes and turns brown in color.  Transmission fluid will lose its lubrication abilities at high temperatures, leading to clutch pack deterioration and thus transmission failure. Especially when towing or driving steep grades, the transmission’s torque convertor is working very hard, thus causing a major rise in temperature.  The heat and stress accelerates fluid breakdown, which can possibly lead to transmission damage over time.

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Transmission repair is costly, generally requiring total replacement of the transmission.  Preventative transmission maintenance in the form of periodic transmission fluid exchange is the best preventative medicine for your transmission and may improve the longevity of your transmission. A transmission fluid machine exchange removes all of the old fluid from the pan, cooler lines, and the torque converter, replacing it with new lubricating transmission fluid.   Each manufacturer has their own recommendations, but recommended frequency of transmission maintenance service will vary depending upon your driving habits and manufacturer’s recommendations.  Generally, a preventative transmission maintenance transmission fluid exchange should be done every 30,000 miles or every 3 years, whichever comes first.

The difference between a transmission fluid drain and fill and a full fluid machine exchange is that a drain and fill simply drains the fluid, and then we refill with fresh transmission fluid.  Old transmission fluid can still remain in the torque converter and cooler lines, but the percentage of new fluid will be greater and will improve the quality of the fluid.

Be proactive and keep your transmission in tip-top shape this summer by having a preventative transmission maintenance fluid exchange.  Be aware that changing the fluid will not repair an already damaged or failing transmission.  If you notice sluggish, shaky, or erratic shifting or hearing sounds when your vehicle shifts gears, you may already have some transmission problems that need to be diagnosed.  Also, keep an eye under where you park your car, and if you ever notice a cherry red puddle under your car, you may have a transmission fluid leak that needs to be repaired (any color puddle under your car needs attention!).

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   When you do have a transmission problem, Honest Accurate Auto Service has the ability, skill, and trained/experienced, ASE Certified technicians to accurately diagnose the problem.  We can then repair or replace the transmission as needed.  Honest Accurate Auto Service offers competitive pricing for all your automotive maintenance and repair needs.

Keep in mind that maintaining your vehicle properly, including transmission maintenance, can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in repair bills.  Honest Accurate Auto Service has two convenient locations to serve you:  3905 Tutt Blvd. on the East side of Colorado Springs, or 426 Nevada Mesa View on the West side.  We also offer Complimentary Shuttle Service, so that you can get to work or home while your car is being serviced.


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