Keeping Your Cool in the Heat!!

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Summer is just around the corner.  All winter long, you’ve been scraping snow and trying to stay warm.  It is time to shift gears and start worrying about the summer sun and “Keeping Your Cool in the Heat”.
 A/C sounds simple doesn’t it?  Quite the contrary…compressor, evaporator core, condenser, receiver/dryer, blower motor, expansion valve, thermostat, Schrader valves, R134A (on the eve of being discontinued), belts, pulley/clutch, etc., etc. (some of these parts are duplicated with rear A/C)…starting to get the picture?  Usually, your system either works or does not work, but there is also an in between where it works, but does not cool like it should.
If it does not work at all, the repair could involve finding the leak, evacuating and recharging the system.  Or, it could be a catastrophic failure of the compressor leading to metal contamination of the entire system.  So, what should you do?  If you hear noises coming from under your hood when you switch your A/C on, turn it off immediately!  You may save big bucks by not running it to the point where you contaminate your system with metal particles.  If it just isn’t cooling like you think it should, stop at an honest accurate repair shop that services A/C systems and let them tell you if you’re just “losing your cool” or if your system truly needs servicing.

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