Watch Out for the Other Guy!

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And don’t be “the other guy”!  Many of us live our life in a hurry, and we all need occasional reminders in driving defensively.  Defensive drivers are cautious and calculated, and much less likely to be involved in an auto accident. Here are a few tips:

·         Stay in control. A 2006 study found that almost 80% of all crashes involve some kind distraction (cell phones, eating, makeup) in the 3 sec. leading up to the accident. Drugs (prescription or otherwise), alcohol, and drowsiness decrease reaction time and coordination significantly.

·         Slow Down/Don’t Tailgate!  An increase of 10mph will increase your risk of having an accident by up to 50%, and will only get you to your destination a few minutes faster (or much slower, if you have an accident).

·         Slow your entrance into an intersection – even if your light is green, look both ways twice before venturing forward.  Watch for that person who is running the red light!

·         Watch your rearview mirrors and be aware of all cars in your vicinity.  In case you need take evasive action, have a plan ready for your escape route.

·         Aggressive driving is never a good idea.  Changing lanes quickly, honking, and hand gestures increase the possibility of reciprocal road rage, and increases everyone’s blood pressure.

“Treat others the way you would like to be treated” works on the road too.  Drive safely, so you don’t end up at your honest accurate technician or your body shop!

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