Preventative Maintenance: Pay me now or pay me (more) later!

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This old adage has been around for decades, but is it really true?  If you don’t follow the manufacturer’s recommended service schedule, what can (and will) happen to your vehicle?  Here are just a few examples:
Monitor your tire pressure:  Either too high/low tire pressure will cause premature tire wear, resulting in more frequent tire replacement.  $0 vs. $500-$1000
Check your alignment:  Front end/or rear axle misalignment will result in uneven tire wear and premature tire replacement.  $80 vs. $500-$1000
Replace your brake pads:  If you hear your brake pad wear indicator squealing, replace your pads/shoes immediately!  Or, pay later by replacing your rotors or drums.  $150 vs. $400-$600
Replace your cabin filter:  A clogged cabin filter will over stress your blower motor(s) and/or your electrical transistors.  $60-$90 vs. $300-$400
Timing belt service:  Replacing your timing belt with the associated life cycle components could save your entire engine assembly.  A broken timing belt on an interference engine is a total disaster: $750-950 vs. $5000-$7000
Spark Plugs:  Proper spark means the difference between a clean fuel burn and unburned gasses going out your tailpipe.  Fouled plugs result in reduced power and fuel economy.  Depending on your vehicle, worn out spark plugs can cost you $400-$800/year in additional fuel costs.

Stay ahead of the maintenance game by having your car serviced by ASE technicians.  Courtesy inspections made during your regularly scheduled oil service will help to keep your overall vehicle ownership costs to a minimum, while insuring your safety and your vehicle’s reliability.

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