What is a Service Advisor?

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What is a Service Advisor? He or she is the first person you meet when you walk into an automotive service facility, and who will help translate your concerns to the automotive technician (mechanic).  In turn, he will translate the technician’s technical talk into layman’s terms, so you will understand what needs to be done for the safe and reliable operation of your vehicle. The Service Advisor is like an orchestral director, in that he presents you with the estimate for recommended work, and he is instrumental in ordering parts and making sure that the work is progressing as expected and in the time frame promised.  Most Service Advisors are ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certified and/or have experience working on vehicles. You should feel free to ask the Service Advisor at your honest accurate auto service facility how many years experience he has is the automotive field??  His expertise can help you determine whether you want to put $$ into your car repair by weighing the value of the car vs. value of the repair. So, get to know your service advisor and ask for him/her by name. This is truly one way you will be assured in getting the most “bang” for your auto repair buck!

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