When the rubber meets the road!

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Today, we’re talking tires…the only thing between you and the road.  In 250 words or less, we are going to hit just the basics.


  • Get your snow shoes off!  It’s that time…true snow tires have a softer rubber that is great for snow, but wear down relatively fast.
  • Don’t go surfing!  If your tires have 2/32” or less tread depth, your chances of hydroplaning (sliding on top of the water drenched highway) increase dramatically.
  • Gasping for breath…your tires need air (pressure).  During the winter, your tires experienced numerous temperature fluctuations…15 degrees one night and then 60 degrees the next day.  These fluctuations cause your tires to lose air pressure more quickly.
  • No bumps or bruises!  Remember all those pot holes and occasional curb bumps (hits), the ones that shook your teeth and rattled your brain?  Two things…look your tires over for cuts and signs of bruising.  Yes, you can bruise the tire carcass (belts).  When you see abnormal bulges anywhere on the tire surface or sidewall, replace the injured tire immediately!
  • You’re wearing on me!  Uneven tire wear?  If either the fronts or rears are wearing unevenly, you either need a rotation or an alignment check…don’t wear your tires out prematurely by failing to rotate and align your car.

As usual, if you have any questions about your tires, or would like a complementary check of tire pressure and wear, give your honest accurate service advisor a call for some expert advice.  Have a safe and happy Memorial Day!

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