Why Should You Trust Honest Accurate Auto Service?

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Let’s face it – many people have had a bad experience with an auto shop in the past.  How are we different with ourauto repair and maintenance in Colorado Springs and why should Honest Accurate Auto Service be your shop of choice?
Here are a few reasons:
Quality oil and oil filter:  An oil change is not “just an oil change”!  Oil is the “lifeblood” of your car, and the quality of the oil and oil filter used is very important for the longevity of your vehicle.  Be sure you compare quality, and not just price.  Many shops save money by utilizing lower quality oil and filters.  Our oil of choice is Castrol, engineered to a higher standard, with additives that help reduce oil breakdown, keeping your engine cleaner and running longer.
OEM Parts:  Original Manufacturer’s Parts are utilized to replace worn or damaged parts on your vehicle.  If, however, there is a significant savings and we think there is a comparable quality aftermarket part available, we will always let you know of that option.
Salary based pay (vs. flat rate at other shops) for Technicians/Mechanics and Service Manager:  This is important to you because our staff does not financially gain by recommending more work on your car, so you can trust their recommendations to match your specific needs.
Employee Longevity and Experience:  We operate an honest business with our employees as well as with our customers.  Therefore, we have a very low turnover rate (5.9%, vs. 19% industry standard). 90% of our technicians are ASE Master level, with over 240 years of combined experience.  We are also Family Owned and Operated – your family can trust our family to maintain and repair your car.
Competitive Pricing:  We are committed to providing competitive pricing, along with high quality parts. Our shop labor rate is among the lowest in town, and we will shop for the best price on parts, to save you even more money.
We make it easy for you!  With our complimentary shuttle service, and comfortable waiting areas, we make having your car serviced comfortable and convenient.  We will keep you informed about what is going on with your car, so you feel “in the know” and are involved in the decisions on what repairs need to be done, as well as helping you prioritize your vehicle’s needs to match your budget.
Ask friends and family who they use for their car repair in Colorado Springs, and take a look at our reviews online.  Many of our customers have been with us for several years,and they are happy to share their experience and why they choose to have their vehicle maintained atHonest Accurate Auto Service – they feel like family to us!  Feel free to talk to your technician and/or see parts that are being replaced, so that you can fully understand what work is recommended for your car.
Our family at Honest Accurate Auto Service look forward to helping your family keep your car running safe…without spending more than you have to.
To make your next appointment for auto repair and maintenance in Colorado Springs online for our East Location, CLICK HERE. For our West Location, CLICK HERE.

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