Your High Mileage Car

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OK now, Let’s see your high mileage car.

We have a lot of customer’s out there with Honest Accurate Auto Service that take pride in their car with 200,000, 300,000, 400,000  miles or more on them. This would be a great forum to brag them up a bit and show them off!

Please send a photo of your odometer and a photo of your “baby” with a little story telling us how you racked up all those miles. (How about a picture of you standing there next to your “baby”?)  Will you ever replace your car?

What car do you believe would serve you as well as your high mileage “baby” has over those many, many miles. Please let us all know what you did to reach those high miles; was it in the car’s genes? was it your maticulous service intervals? was it your kind, knowledgeable, low cost, expertise service shop? maybe your good looks? or was it just plain old “Good Luck”?

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