Cracked windshield? What to do?

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Well summer is finally here. The official first day of summer is 21 June – less than 1 week away. The warmer temperatures will undoubtedly be a welcome change from the cold winter and wacky, mercifully wet spring we had here in the Rocky Mountains.

There is never a shortage of rocks and gravel on Front Range roads and highways. This year though, the abundance of potholes has REALLY added to the familiar road hazard of flying rocks and gravel. Obviously the more rocks and gravel flying around, the higher the likelihood you will experience a chipped or cracked windshield this summer. windshield-chip-cracked-out 6.15.15

Summer’s higher temperatures increase the likelihood that that a chipped windshield will crack out. Summer heat and sun cause your windshield to heat up, making it much more likely for any damaged areas to turn into a nasty, long crack that may force you to spend several hundred dollars on a windshield replacements.

For that reason, we recommend getting chips in the windshield repaired as soon as possible. If you get it done quickly, you will avoid the risk of the damage spreading, forcing a purchase of a new windshield.

The windshield professionals at Bob’s Windshield Repair have been providing fast, convenient windshield chip and crack (up to 14″) repair service to the Front Range since 2003. Give us a call today for our hassle-free service – 719-591-1666, or if you prefer to book online, visit us at and set up your appointment any time of the day or night, and we come to you!

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