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The first snow storm of the season came and went quickly, but this second storm is a doozy!! Slippery roads are sending more than a few cars sliding into curbs.

Have you hit a curb on the road or in a parking lot recently? If so, your wheels may be
out of alignment. How do you know if your car needs an alignment?

Here are a few indicators:

*Are you feeling your car drifting or pulling to one side consistently when you are supposed to be driving straight?
*Is your steering wheel sitting off center?
*You may also want to look at your tires and check to see if they are wearing unevenly. Is there is more tread wear on the inside or outside edges of your tires?

If you notice any of these, it’s a good bet that your car would benefit from a 4-wheel alignment, before you prematurely wear out a set of tires. We will straighten the alignment by adjusting the steering and/or suspension components.

When your wheels sit at improper angles after hitting a curb (or even one of the many potholes in our city streets), the uneven wear on your tires will shorten your tire’s lifespan. Having your wheels aligned regularly, particularly when putting on snow tires or buying new tires, will make your tires last longer and improve driveability.

At Honest Accurate Auto Service, we utilize the latest laser technology to restore wheel and suspension angles to their correct specifications, allowing the wheels to sit straight and your vehicle to drive straight, thereby getting your “ducks in a row”. There is an advantage to modern technology, especially for alignments. You generally get what you pay for, and an inexpensive alignment may not catch or address all the components needed to straighten the alignment.

So, what should you expect when you have your vehicle aligned at Honest Accurate Auto Service? This exacting process will be performed by one of our highly-trained, experienced technicians. The state-of-the-art, computerized alignment equipment we use will provide you with pre-alignment and post-alignment print-outs. This print out will identify and record all the critical measurements that relate to measureable/definable suspension angles…toe, camber and castor, on both front and rear axles.

The major benefit of an alignment is longer tire life, improving tire wear. With tires costing $100-$300 each, an alignment check for $30 (or a full 4-Wheel alignment for about $100) can save you money in the long run, and should be a part of your vehicle’s regular car maintenance program. Secondary benefits of an alignment include better fuel mileage through decreasing rolling resistance. An added safety benefit is knowing your car will go in the direction you steer- a big plus!

Complications can include bent or damaged components, that will not allow adjustments to be made (unless damaged parts are replaced). Even frozen, rusty bolts can break or make the adjustments very difficult to complete. We will keep you informed if this is the case.

Let us help keep you driving safely on these icy, wintery roads. Be sure you have good snow tires, and that all “your ducks are in a row”! Your family can trust our family to keep your car running safe, without spending more than necessary.


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