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We are excited to be the ONLY auto repair shop in Colorado Springs endorsed by Dave Ramsey! Why is that important to us? Dave Ramsey promotes “financial peace” and financial integrity…living debt free, saving, and planning ahead to budget for life’s expenses, including car maintenance. Since 1993, Honest Accurate has been an advocate for vehicle maintenance and we help you do exactly that, plan ahead for car maintenance within your budget!
It’s really quite simple – taking care of your present vehicle with routine maintenance will help prevent major repair costs and extend the life and value of your car. Maintaining your present vehicle(s) is significantly more cost effective than buying a new vehicle. A new car is not really an “investment”, because a new vehicle loses 60-70% of its value in the first 4 years. In order to truly be able to afford that loss, you must be in a financial situation to absorb that cost of ownership without it significantly affecting your personal bottom line. In addition, new cars may include monthly car payments, increased taxes/fees, and increased insurance costs.

As an alternative, purchase a good, serviceable used vehicle or keep and maintain your present vehicle. We can help you make a good purchase by doing a Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI) on that vehicle you are looking at buying. A car may look good on the outside and sound like it runs well. However, when we put it up on a lift, we may see significant rust or oil leaks that could make future repairs and maintenance a very expensive proposition. The cost of a PPI can often be saved in negotiating the price of the vehicle, and will help you make an informed offer.  For more information about our PPI Click Here
Budgeting for the maintenance on the vehicle you own can help make it last a good long time. A good rule of thumb is to allot a monthly auto maintenance line item of $25/month/year of vehicle you own. For example, if you have a 6-year old car, set aside $150/month for maintenance and repairs. You may not spend that every month, but when a major repair comes up (for example, repairing brakes, transmission problems, or parts replacement), you will already have the funds set aside and it will not set you back.

Dave Ramsey recommends four basic maintenance tips to be aware of, and we agree these are a good starting point. Have you checked these items lately? These are basic in the inspection we do on every oil change, although we check many more systems as well.

1) Check your spare tire. Spare tires are often “out of sight, out of mind” until you need them. When you do experience a flat, it is often at the most inconvenient time and place. If that is when you realize your spare tire is flat, you will have an expensive towing charge to get your car to a repair shop. Next time you are at the gas station, check the pressure in your spare tire and add air if needed. You will be glad you did next time you get a flat!

2) Change the oil. Getting your oil changed every 5000 miles is the best insurance against major engine damage. Lack of oil on the dipstick is one of the most common problems we see in our shop, stemming from oil leaks, an engine that burns oil, or simply from letting the oil change go far too long. Not only does your engine run better when properly and adequately lubricated, having your car inspected by a knowledgeable mechanic at regular oil changes will detect minor problems before they become major problems. We will also check all fluid levels (coolant, brake fluid, differential and transmission fluids, etc. for level and condition). We want to catch any problems early to save you money.

3) Keep the battery clean. Modern cars require electrical power for many more functions these days than they used to. Batteries terminals will corrode with time and moisture. If not kept clean, your battery could fail to work, leaving you stranded (often at an unsafe location, in the worst of weather!). If it looks like your battery terminals are growing “trees”, it is time to get them cleaned to maintain amperage and a good electrical ground.

4) Replace the brake pads. Brake pads are made of a material that wears with time, and require periodic replacement. Because of their composition, quality pads make less noise and have better surface area/compression with the brake rotor. Harder, less expensive brake pads tend to be noisier and can wear down rotors more quickly and/or unevenly, requiring more frequent replacement. Making sure your brakes are in good working order is the best insurance you can have against having that rear-end collision and an expensive accident. Tires must have adequate tread depth, or even good brakes will not stop your vehicle when needed.

Our Service Advisers are excellent at helping you prioritize any work that may be needed on your car. We will let you know what work is necessary to be done now for safety’s sake or to prevent further damage down the road, and what repairs can be done at a later date when it works with your budget.
With a comfortable, clean waiting area and complimentary shuttle service to work or home, we can make keeping your car maintained easy and convenient. Call us for an appointment the next time you are looking for routine maintenance or notice a problem with your vehicle – we would enjoy meeting you and helping you out with all your vehicle maintenance and your auto maintenance budget! We can help you stay on track with your Dave Ramsey budgeting style for years to come!

You can hear us featured on The Dave Ramsey Show in Colorado Springs on KRDO.


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