Do you trust your mechanic?

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We do several things differently to earn and keep your trust.
We are up front and have an open-door policy. Have you seen those signs above the door in many repair shops that say, “No
None of this at our shop!
Unauthorized Persons Beyond this Point”? None of that here. We encourage our customers to take a look at any defective parts on their vehicle, and we explain why it is a problem. The more you understand about your car, the better car owner you become, and the longer you will have the opportunity to drive your car safely.
We prioritize the maintenance and repairs needed on your car. We will let you know what is needed now for safety, and what is needed in the near future (or distant future!). Although we don’t have a “crystal ball”, we know the maintenance schedule for your specific vehicle’s make and model. Based upon that schedule and the knowledge of our experienced Service Advisors and Certified Technicians, we can predict which repairs or maintenance will be needed in the future to keep your car running safely.
We inspect all the systems, fluids, belts and hoses, suspension, tires, brakes and more. However, we won’t just give you a laundry list of what needs to be done on your vehicle. In the words of one of our customers, Jack Meyer, you will feel “informed, but not pressured,” regarding the maintenance and/or repairs needed on your car. You will find out the condition (Good, Fair, or Poor) of each component or system. We will provide you with the necessary information to make an educated decision on how to go forward. These decisions may vary for the customer who is going to be selling their vehicle soon, versus the customer who wants to drive their car for hundreds of thousands of miles and for many years. Is it your “baby” or just a means of transportation?
Our technicians (mechanics) do not work on commission. What
Joe – 40 yrs. Experience!
does this mean to you? Most repair shops pay their technicians “flat rate”, which means they get paid by each job they do. Therefore, they are incentivized to find more work on each car. Our technicians are salaried and have no financial incentive to recommend work on your vehicle – they treat your car as if it were their own, and let you know what they would do on their own car.  This pay system also encourages a sense of teamwork among our very experienced, ASE certified technicians.


One thing you can be assured of when you walk through our door…we live up to our name every day. Honest and Accurate. When mistakes occur (Murphy’s Law does happen!), it is how we take care of the problem that sets us apart. We always make it right and stand behind our work.
Your family can trust our family.

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