Keeping Your Cool in the Cold!

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Most of us know we need to check the oil level in our vehicles on a regular basis (you know that, right??!!), but many of us forget to check our antifreeze level and condition regularly.  Cooling system failure is one of the most frequent causes of engine-related breakdowns, and the resulting repairs can be extremely costly.  Did you know your engine produces 4500 degrees of cylinder heat when it is burning fuel?  The correct combination of water, antifreeze and coolant additives is essential for your engine to operate at the correct temperature (check your Owner’s Manual for your manufacturer’s recommendations).   Antifreeze, or engine coolant, is important in keeping the engine from both overheating and freezing.  It maintains fluids in a liquid state by not allowing them to turn to ice, where expansion can be harmful, or steam, where excess heat can do extreme damage.  Over time, old coolant will allow harmful deposits to build up, leading to corrosion and ineffective heat transfer within the system. Generally, engine coolant should be completely flushed and changed every 2 to 4 years to maintain effectiveness.  How long has your coolant been in your car??

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