Four Tips to Keep Your Car in Tip-Top Shape, Part 1

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Four Tips to Keep Your Car in Tip-Top Shape (Next 4 Tips coming next week!)

Many people are choosing to keep their cars longer to avoid monthly car payments, or simply because they like their car and want to keep it on the road.  Today’s vehicles can be expected to run 200,000 miles (and more!) safely.  In order to keep your car running safely and economically and to help maintain your car’s value, it is critical that you service your vehicle consistently and at regular vehicles.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!   Here are some car maintanence tips to help your vehicle go 200,000 miles and beyond.


Tip #1:  Change out your lubricants and closed system fluids.

We recommend changing your oil and oil filter at least every 5000 miles.  Engine oil is the lifeblood of your car, dissipating heat and allowing moving parts to move against each other with less friction, but it does lose its lubricating properties over time.  Be sure your Colorado Springs auto repair shop uses a quality oil and quality oil filter – you generally get what you pay for!  At Honest Accurate Auto Service, we always include a Courtesy Inspection of all of your systems, so that you can plan for maintenance services that are coming up.


Tip #2:  Change out your transmission oil (fluid) every 40-60,000 miles.

Transmission life is directly proportional to fluid condition and operating temperatures.  The fewer contaminates in your transmission fluid and the lower the operating temperature, the longer your transmission will last.  Worn out/ contaminated fluid loses its lubricating properties and its ability to cushion metal-to-metal contact, resulting in increased friction and heat, which leads to component failure.  Change your transmission fluid every 40-60,000 miles…even if you owner’s manual says you can go 100K between changes.  It is low cost insurance against transmission failure, and can help keep your transmission going long and strong!


Tip #3:  Maintain your Cooling System.

Heat is your engine’s biggest enemy, so making sure that you have a cooling system that is doing its job is very important.  At every oil change service, we will check to make sure you have the proper level of coolant, as well as a radiator and hoses that are sound and without leaks.  Preventive maintenance, particularly in this system, is a car maintanence tipthat can potentially save you hundreds of dollars!


Tip #4: Change your Engine and Cabin Filter on a regular basis.

Changing both of these filters improves the “breathing” efficiency of your engine and your climate control system, similar to your home furnace filter.  A dirty engine air filter decreases fuel mileage and power production.  A clogged cabin filter over loads and stresses your A/C compressor, as well as your air duct blower motor…both are bad news for component longevity and can result in higher repair bills.

Check back next week for the next 4 car maintanence tips on brakes, tires and suspension –  we make maintaining your car easy and affordable!

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