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Optimize Your Fuel Efficiency with a Fuel Induction Service

Did you know that you can optimize your fuel efficiency with a fuel induction service? With the rising cost of fuel, who doesn’t want better gas mileage? Even in the best of times, gas prices are notoriously unpredictable and many car owners are on the lookout for new ways to save more money at the pump and squeeze every possible mile out of a gallon of gas. That is where a fuel induction cleaning can save the day – and your gas.

With a fuel induction cleaning, you can potentially improve fuel efficiency by 1-4 miles per gallon, reduce environmentally damaging exhaust emissions, and improve your vehicle’s performance. So far that’s a win-win-win, right? Read on to learn more about this beneficial service and what it can do for your fuel economy.

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What is a “Fuel Induction Service''?

An fuel induction service involves extensive cleaning of the performance-killing buildup that naturally occurs while the car’s engine is running . Before we get into the fuel induction process, let’s take a brief look at the science of your vehicle’s fuel system.

The Science of Your Vehicle’s Fuel System

Your vehicle’s fuel system consists of your air filter, fuel filter, intake manifold/air intake valves, exhaust valves, throttle body, fuel injectors, fuel pump and fuel tank. The throttle body determines the air-fuel mixture released into the car’s combustion chamber— the corresponding reaction powers your vehicle.While this system helps get you around town, it does have some drawbacks. Combustion creates carbon deposits and unburned fuel leaves small fuel deposits behind. Over time, debris such as, petroleum sludge, fuel deposits and carbon deposits build up in the system, which negatively affects your car’s performance, decreases gas mileage and increases exhaust emissions.

The Fuel Induction Process

A fuel air induction service is a vehicle maintenance service that involves cleaning the vehicle’s fuel system using high-powered, professional chemicals. The throttle body of the car is carefully cleared of buildup and debris. Fuel injectors and air intake are cleaned to support the throttle body’s function. The intake manifold and related valves are also inspected and cleaned. 

At Honest Accurate Auto Service, we use a highly pressurized canister of the cleaning agent. We then atomize it into the intake through the intake boot. Next, we run it and fluctuate the throttle to ensure that the cleaner is pulled through the entire engine.

Hiring a professional mechanic to clean your car’s fuel system will revitalize the engine and provide greater performance and fuel efficiency. A certified mechanic will be able to successfully clean the components and ensure your fuel system is running to the best of its capabilities. The best part is that this service can be performed in about an hour so you don’t have to leave your car with us for an extended period.

What is the Difference between Fuel Injection and Fuel Induction?

The difference between fuel injection and fuel induction service is a common point of confusion for many vehicle owners. As noted above, a fuel induction service includes the disassembly and cleaning of your car’s fuel system. A Fuel injection service focuses on removing water in the system, lubricating valves, and removing carbon build up from the throttle body and plate.

How Often Should You Do a Fuel Induction Service?

The standard recommendation for a fuel induction service is every 30,000-60,000 miles, based on the manufacturer’s specifications. It is not a service like an oil change, where you must perform one every 3,000-7,000 miles, depending on the make and model of the vehicle and recommendations provided in the owner’s manual. Fortunately, that means that fuel induction service costs are affordable and support the longevity of your engine while saving you a few bucks at the pump. 

However, you do not have to wait for that 60,000 mark if your car is performing poorly. When deciding if you need fuel induction services, car maintenance guides will typically advise that you consider them if you have noticed that your gas mileage has decreased or you experience engine problems. The process is an affordable way to solve and prevent problems. 

For example, a GDI fuel induction service costs far less in the long run than servicing a struggling engine after build-up has put too much strain on its performance, which brings us to a typical customer concern.

Is Fuel Induction Service Necessary?

Many car owners ask a common question: Is cleaning my car’s fuel induction necessary? If you have noticed that your vehicle is harder to start, if it hesitates and stutters upon starting, or the fuel mileage has decreased, you will see a difference and benefit from a fuel induction system cleaning.

Wondering when a fuel induction service needed? Read on to learn telltale signs that your car may need help!

  • Is there a knocking sound in your engine? If you hear a knocking sound while your car is running, it could signify that your car’s fuel-to-air combination is causing combustion issues. Combustion is occurring outside of the designated area, signaling that the flow of fuel to the engine is possibly being slowed or stopped by carbon buildup or other debris in the fuel system. 
  • Have you recently failed an emissions test? While El Paso County only requires emission testing on diesel vehicles, you may have recently had your vehicle’s emissions tested for other purposes like commuting or an out-of-county sale. If your car has failed an emission test, that means your exhaust emissions are over the recommended limit. The culprit could be carbon buildup or other issues that a fuel system induction service can solve.
  • Is your fuel efficiency dropping? Are you hitting the pump more often than you did when you originally bought your car? A drop in fuel efficiency usually signals that your vehicle is struggling to process fuel.
  • Is your car accelerating slowly or having difficulty turning on? Suppose your vehicle is struggling even with the pedal to the metal or your car takes several tries to start. In these cases, your vehicle is sending you very obvious distress signals about the drivability of your fuel system. Your foot may be releasing the fuel when you press the gas, but there’s a disruption in its ability to reach its final destination and power your vehicle. 
  • Do you notice rough idling when your car is not in motion?  Rough idling can signal issues with fuel getting to the engine when your foot is not pressing the gas pedal. 

Any of these issues can be a sign that your car’s fuel system needs a little TLC. If you’re thinking about trying to DIY your fuel system cleanup, it’s worth considering the following:

Professional Fuel Induction Service vs. Fuel System Cleaners

Many customers ask if there is a difference between a professional fuel induction service vs. fuel system cleaning products. While these store-bought additive cleaners can be beneficial for reducing buildup, professional grade cleaners injected into your induction system by an expert technician are significantly more effective than over-the-counter products. A professional fuel induction service cleans fuel injectors, intake valves, ports and combustion chambers which can help reduce engine surge, stalling, stumble, hesitation and power loss.

Where Can I Find an Auto Repair Shop that Can Perform a Fuel Induction Service Near Me?

Let Honest Accurate Auto Service help you improve your gas mileage and engine performance! We have convenient locations throughout Colorado Springs, and an honest and accurate ASE certified technician can run a professional fuel system induction cleaning in about an hour.  Relax in comfort while your car receives her internal beauty treatment …she will feel as fit as a fiddle once we’re done with her. 

Schedule a fuel induction service with us today and we will help you optimize your vehicle so you can get more distance out of every dollar and save money on general maintenance.

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