Are you spending dollars to save pennies?

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As an unwilling participant of rapidly escalating fuel prices, do you find yourself cursing “Big Oil” or your current set of wheels?  Well, in reality, cursing will not help the situation.  Only you have the power to reduce your fuel costs.  However, nothing is free in life and fuel savings is no exception.  Here are two totally different approaches to improved fuel mileage and, the associated costs to realize those savings:
• Slow down …. take a chill pill: the fuel consumption penalty for driving 65 mph vs. 55 mph averages 20% … 75mph vs. 55 mph averages 30% …big savings!  Your cost is the extra time in your vehicle vs. your destination.  A 20-mile trip to work at 55 mph vs. 65 mph will cost you about 3 minutes and 20 seconds… your choice.
• Buy a more fuel efficient vehicle:  If you drive 15,000 miles per year and currently get 24 mpg, you could save $56/month in fuel costs by purchasing a car that gets 34 mpg ($3.65/gallon).  Your cost to achieve this fuel savings would be the additional costs (if any) of interest charges, sales tax, licensing fees, auto insurance and depreciation….. once again, your choice.
If you are beyond “behavior modification” and are worried you may be “spending dollars to save pennies”, give your
Honest Accurate ASE certified technician a call for some helpful advice.

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