Horn Etiquette

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We’ve all been there…sitting at the stop light…a cazillion things on your mind, the light turns green, you don’t notice but, the caffeine crazed, late-for-his-meeting dude sitting six inches off your bumper, with the reaction time of a rattlesnake, knows exactly how to deal with your obvious incompetence…lay on that HORN!!! And what did he accomplish?  Well, you’re teed off and, more likely than not, you’re gonna spread that special feeling!

So…before you rain on someone else’s parade, let’s review “proper horn etiquette”.

·         Stoplights:  short and sweet will awake sleeping beauty without resurrecting the “wicked witch”.

·         Unintentional intrusion into your “space”:  honk long enough to get their attention, yet short enough not to elicit road rage or them informing you that you are #1.

·         The careless or drunk or raging driver:  Only use your horn if necessary to prevent a collision.  If you can maneuver out of their path, perhaps a 911 “wake up” call will prevent future accidents for others.

·         Cute girls or hot guys:  Honk anytime you want…just be polite and try not to scare them off.

Your horn is an important tool to alert someone to a dangerous situation, so be certain that it is working correctly.  If not, your favorite honest accurate technician would be happy to help you out.  That just about covers most situations requiring the use of your horn…oops, forgot about the Mother-in-Law.  Now that I think about it, don’t worry…she won’t listen anyway (sorry Mom!)!

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