What can you do to improve your safety while driving?

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Tips to Improve Your Safety and Driving Awareness in Colorado Springs – Is it Time for a “Wake-Up Call”?

Have you ever driven drowsy and suddenly “woke up” driving?  Scary, isn’t it?  Makes you sit up and take notice of your surroundings in a whole new way.  We don’t intend to take our driving for granted, but often we do.

We can all use a “wake up call” to drive more safely.

Better driving really comes down to increasing your reaction time and improving your awareness of your surroundings.  Driving when you are really tired definitely decreases your attention and the time it takes to react to a given situation.

Follow These Tips to Improve Your Safety While Driving

Improve Safety While Driving Do not drive impaired by alcohol, marijuana or other drugs (prescription or otherwise)

Even small amounts of alcohol decrease the time it takes for you to push the brake pedal or avoid a collision.  These substances also decrease inhibitions, increasing the chances of aggressive driving or excessive speeds.

Make a deliberate decision to remove distractions.

Cell phones (calling or texting), eating, adjusting radios or navigational devices, applying makeup, etc….all these activities take your mind off of driving and at least one hand off the steering wheel.  Put your phone down and keep your attention on the road.

Increase distance between you and the cars around you

You have more time to react if you have more space between you and the cars around you.  Do not tailgate and stay away from tailgaters.  Watch your rear view mirrors and know where the cars are in your vicinity.  If you have blind spots, be sure and turn to look in those areas before you turn or change lanes.  Know your “escape route” in case you need to change lanes quickly to avoid another car.

Look both ways at intersections

The Federal Highway Administration ( identified intersections as the highest-risk areas for accidents.  Do not expect the traffic from the right or left to stop, just because their light is red.  Look both ways before entering the intersection.  You do not have the right-of-way unless it is given, and no one wins in a collision.

Do not exceed posted speed limits.

Every mile per hour of speed over the posted speed limits increases your chances of having an accident by 4-5%.  Excessive speed creates more stress on both you, the driver, and on your car.  Relax a little and enjoy the journey!

Be sure your car is in good working order.

Brakes and tires are “wear” items, and require replacement as they become thin.  Your vehicle will not be able to stop as quickly when your brakes have metal-to-metal contact, and you may incur expensive damage.  Tire performance declines with lack of tread or improper air pressure, and your car will not hold the road as firmly or stop as quickly.

Don’t forget your seatbelt

Even if you are doing everything right, that does not mean the other drivers around you have their act together.  In case you do have an accident, seatbelts save lives and decrease the chances of severe injury for both you and your passengers.

We have a tendency to become complacent in our safety-related driving habits.  If you are that person, this is your “wake-up call”!  In stop-and-go, in-town driving, or at 75 mile-per-hour freeway speeds, it only takes a second or two of distractions or inattention to ruin your day…or your life.

Drive safely, my friends.

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